Crab people

I have an embarrassing situation.

My right big toenail (of Janky Toe fame), finally decided to succumb to its mini marathon injury and fall off of my foot, never to be seen again after I buried it at the bottom of our bathroom waste basket.

Ugh, I am so gross. So gross I can't even wrap my brain around it sometimes. Good thing I met Clayton on a day when I was wearing sneakers, otherwise I would be a single gal forever, living in a dark apartment with nothing but my cats and toenail clippers for company.

After the mini marathon my toenail turned purple almost instantly, and I wasn't surprised. It was completely expected. Since the nail is already so fragile to begin with (thanks to my butterfingers when it comes to handling large metal bowls), running even a few miles can irritate it to the point of bruising. But this nail, this one was a trooper.  The purple bruise eventually grew out and this nail looked like it was really going to go the distance.  However, it started loosening a few months back, and last night when I pulled my feet up to my chest while sitting on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory, I saw that the nail was hanging on by barely a thread.  In one quick, painless yank, the nail came right off and revealed a new nubbin (also destined to grow purple and fall off one day) growing in its place.

So, I won't be going out in public for another 3-6 months.

And if you want to stop reading my blog because of it, I completely understand.

Running is the culprit. My softball cleats are to blame, too. No matter what stride I use or how perfect my shoes fit, the basic movement of running aggravates that toe. But what I am supposed to do, stop running and playing softball? I told Clayton that he can either have a exciting, athletic wife with ugly feet, or he can have a boring, stagnant wife with 10 perfectly healthy toenails ... I was offended by how long he took to think about it.

Speaking of running, I had my one-year running anniversary on Friday! Exactly on year ago on Friday I started my training.  In this past year I ran over 712 miles, lost 16+ pounds, ran 2 mini marathons, ran 2 5k races, and ran 1 7k race.  I met a lot of cool, new runner friends and have had some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Yes, running has given me more episodes of intestinal distress than I care to mention, but it has been an incredible year and I wouldn't change a thing about it.  As silly as it sounds, running has help me grow as a person. I'm tougher both mentally and physically, and I seem to be adopting the obnoxious "can-do" attitude that I typically want to slap out of other people. Janky toe or not, I am charging forward!

Aside from my runniversary, this weekend as a whole was quite eventful.  Friday night I made Clayton watch Disney's Oceans, a documentary that I rented for free because it's educational (However, I just got a call from the movie store saying the DVD is now overdue.  If there is a way to pay for something that is free, I will find it.).  There were lots of "aw!" moments as we watched a mommy walrus cuddle her baby, and then lots of shrieking (mostly from me) as we watched the spider crab migration in Australia.

Look at these images and try not to mess your pants:

And on Saturday, because I think God is trying to tell me I should have been a vet, Clay and I rescued yet another little creature from impending doom.  But it wasn't a black lap puppy or a mouse in my bathtub.  This time it was a baby bird who stranded itself in our breezeway and couldn't fly.  We noticed him that morning while we were letting Joey out and thought it was curious that he didn't fly away when we got close to him. A few hours later, when we left the apartment again, the bird was still chirping helplessly on the welcome mat. The afternoon was so muggy and humid, we couldn't very well leave the bird to dehydrate and die on our front step.  So, we bundled him up in a towel and took him to the local animal rescue where they assured us they'd be able to nurse him back to health.  We gave them our contact information and the animal rescue will alert us once the baby bird (who we learned was a robin) is released back into the wild.  

I kind of figured I'd hear from them by now, and the fact that I haven't makes me nervous.  I'm scared I'm going to get an email later that says, "The baby bird dropped dead the second you left. You two are horrible people and should never breed."

Speaking of Clayton and I never breeding, Saturday night Clay threw his baby brother a bachelor party (and, it's been confirmed that this party was far more tame than the bachelor party Clay had.  Thank goodness because people are still talking about that party ...) and some of the wives and girlfriends decided to hang out while our boys were away.  As I mentioned in a previous post, my best friend had a baby in late June and he's a gorgeous little man that everyone loves fawning over. I was super excited to get a chance to hang out with him for a night, but my excitement was soon dashed when I came to the painful realization that Nicholas does not like me.  I have very little experience with babies, so I tend to get incredibly nervous when I hold them.  I'm afraid I'm going to squish it, suffocate it, or break it and apparently Nicholas can sense my fear.  Anytime he was placed in my arms, he would look at me, see I was not a potential milk giver, and immediately start wailing for his mommy.  I tried not to take it personally because he's an infant and can't even see things 6 inches away from his face, but still ... way harsh.  My self-esteem apparently depends on the approval of people who do nothing but poop, eat and sleep. 

Speaking of eating (see how I'm making all of these great segues here? And I had to google how to spell "segue" because clearly I was way off with "segway".  Apparently the correct spelling is "segue" and the "ue" is pronounced "way".  /ˈsegwā/  You learn something new everyday.  And, for all of you that already knew that this was the correct spelling ... bite me.), since I gave up my freelance gig and cut about 15-20 extra hours of work out of my schedule each week, I have LOTS of time on my hands in the evenings now.  I've mentioned before how much I love cooking, but given my previous schedule, my dinner creations were less than stellar. That is no longer the case! This past weekend I was finally (Finally!) able to cook my man's and my favorite meal:

Beer chicken with steamed green beans and my apartment famous (I can't really say "world famous" when no one else has tried them. But you SHOULD try them) cheesy mashed potatoes.  Mmmm!

I also had the opportunity to test out a kitchen gadget I've had for about two years now and never used.  My mother-in-law bought me a slider maker that allows you to grill baby burgers in about 5 minutes on your stove.  Clay and I spent eons looking for slider buns and we finally succeeded on Sunday while we were at Kroger's doing our grocery shopping.  I bought a pound of lean turkey meat, seasoned it to taste, put it in my slider maker and voila!

Turkey cheeseburger sliders!

So, that was my weekend in a nut shell.  Something else completely awesome happened, but I'm going to post about that tomorrow because I'm too lazy to type it all out right now I like leaving people on the edge of their seats.



  1. Did your toenail look normal when it grew back out? ?

  2. Did your toenail look normal when it grew back out? ?

  3. Did your toenail look normal when it grew back out? ?

  4. Did your toenail look normal when it grew back out? ?


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