Another rousing round of Weekend Recap

Who wants a weekend recap? Raise your hand! I know it's Tuesday, but the chances of my posting anything on Monday are slim to none because Mondays have a special way of always turning out hellacious and leaving me passed out on the couch by 8 p.m.  Weekends are typically a time to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in preparation for the upcoming work week.  But not in my industry. In university publishing, weekends are typically a time to accumulate every possible crisis or problem that could possibly develop with a manuscript or book file and then launch them into my inbox at 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

Mondays are definitely a day where I run around the office for 8 hours, but still feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing.

So weekend recaps have to come on Tuesdays because, quite frankly, Mondays are evil and shouldn't even be acknowledged.

So ... my weekend:
  • I watched a lot of Big Bang Theory. Like, a lot. And I've decided that it may be my favorite sitcom of all time (even ousting Roseanne and Friends for the top spot).
  • We watched a movie with friends called Camp Hell that we found at Redbox and decided to rent because Jesse Eisenberg was in it.  However, I'm pretty sure this movie was filmed awhile ago because Jesse Eisenberg was only in the beginning of the movie for 3 minutes, and chances are, it was only released with his face on the movie cover because they're banking on the fact that he was nominated for an Oscar last year. The movie was horrible, but it still managed to scare me because it took place at an uber religious camp and involved demonic spirits which I do very much believe exist. Not to mention it was storming outside and Clay told me Satan likes to peek inside your windows when it rains. 
  • I made Clay's favorite meal for the first time in our 8 years of being together (if that doesn't tell you anything about the kind of wife I am, I don't know what will).  But, the fact of the matter is that we have such a close relationship with his folks (I even lived with them while I looked for a job after graduation) that we go over there for dinner a couple of times a month. So quite frankly, I never had to make him spaghetti pie. But, I was rifling through my cookbooks this weekend, found his mom's famous recipe, and decided I would take a stab at it.  Typically, when I cook, I use low-fat/fat-free/whole wheat everything and hardly ever use butter. However, this recipe calls for white pasta with butter and parmesan cheese to create the pie's "crust", so I went a little overboard in my excitement of finally getting to eat butter for the first time in months.  I'd never made spaghetti pie before, but I have to say, it turned out pretty well.  Clay had seconds and thirds, so I'm chalking it up to a big, fat success.
  • Clay had his last softball game of the summer season and I was visually assaulted while spectating. I was sitting at a picnic bench, minding my own business when a team playing in one of the next games decided to suddenly crowd around me while they waited to go out on the field.  One rather large gentleman in particular stepped into my line of vision, hoisted one of his legs up on the bench where I was seated, and proceeded to start stretching his groin by doing what can only be described as pelvic thrusts ... right into my face.  Did I mention he was wearing loose-fitting shorts? I got dinner and a show. I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just wasn't aware of his surroundings and just didn't realize that there was a young woman sitting 12 inches away from his twig and berries. But then again, I'm aware of where my crotch is at at all times and I'm especially careful to make sure it's not being pushed into someone's face like a pedophiliac pendulum.  Red with embarrassment, shame and confusion, I gathered my purse and bolted to another bench nearby where I watched the remainder of Clayton's game trying to mentally scour away the image that is now more than likely permanently burned into my memory. 
  • My friends and I started a book club and we had our very first meeting on Sunday evening.  Though only three of us could show up for the official beginning of the club, we thoroughly enjoyed gorging ourselves on fresh fruit and voting on which books to read.  Our first club read is going to be A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith and we're going to meet later in September to begin our discussion.  English and literature is my all-time favorite subject and, like a true nerd, I salivated at the opportunity to be a part of a group that not only reads good books, but likes to intelligently discuss what they're reading.  Also, I'm incredibly excited to nurture current relationships as well as cultivate new friendships with women who share similar interests. 
  • I bought a loaf pan. Not really exactly newsworthy, but I'm pretty amped up about it. To compliment my new cooking toy, I bought a box of pumpkin bread mix (I'm not much a baker so I'm not even going to ATTEMPT making bread from scratch yet) to help me get started. And, when I am not using my loaf pan to conjure up delicious bread products, I will use it to continue to help perfect my meatloaf (Clay's favorite thing that I cook).  Clay promised be I could get a food processor after next pay day because I won't shut up about making my own hummus and salsa.  

Interested to see what this week brings ...