Things I Love Thursday - to my own shock and amazement

(^^Sorry. Got a little overzealous with Photoshop today.)

I don't even know why I decided to do this little segment each week because more often than not I either completely forget about it, don't have any time to do it, or I'm in such a crappy mood that I decide not only do I not love anything, I actually hate everyone and everything. 

But I digress ...

My Hydration Belt

I think my runner hydration belt is like the athletic equivalent to wearing a fanny pack.  I dig having my own supply of water at my finger tips during a long run, but I can't help but feel like a major dork while I wear it.  I feel like the only thing my ensemble is missing is a pair of white tube socks worn with leather sandals. But I suppose it is kind of cool to have my water bottles slung on a holster like two guns.  If anyone ever messes with me on the trail, I can draw my weapons and squirt them to death. 

Yesterday was so incredibly hot that I would have been a fool not to take my hydration belt (oh goodness, even the name sounds stupid) with me on my six-miler.  I shoved ice cubes into the bottles to make my water extra chilly, but immediately regretted my decision when I realized I sounded like a maraca running down the street. 

However, despite all the coolness points this little baby helps get taken away from me, I have to admit that I am always glad when I bring it along.  More often than not I use one of the water bottles to douse my hair in order to keep cool and not die in the July heat.  It's kind of like having a traveling swimming pool ... only not really. 

So is it fashionable? Heavens no. But is it functional? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

Witnessing Something Super Embarrassing in Public

My absolute favorite part of witnessing something super embarrassing in public is the euphoric relief that said thing is not happening to me.  Being privy to someone else's train wreck comes with free entertainment and a sense of personal satisfaction as I think to myself, "Thank goodness that isn't me." I almost wish our city had more public benches and the occasional popcorn cart so I could pop a squat, enjoy a snack, and watch an inevitable public scene unfold before my eyes.

This morning I took a break from work to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.  During my walk downtown I heard car horns approaching.  At first I didn't think anything of it, figuring that some driver cut another driver off or something equally non-consequential like that.  However, the honking never quit.  In fact, the closer the sound go to me, the series of honks became shorter and louder.  So, like a good citizen I stopped in my tracks and waited to see what was going on. 

I looked up the street and identified the car that was getting happy with their horn.  It was stopped at a traffic light behind another car. All of a sudden, a woman came flying out of the vehicle and started screaming at the driver of the car in front of her.  "Get out! Get out of the car! Get out of the car!" she shrieked like a deranged hyena, coming up to the driver's door. She reached for the door handle, yanked the door open, and proceeded to start trying to physically drag the driver out of the car.  "GET OUT OF THE CAR RIGHT NOW!" she bellowed.  By this time, other cars in nearby streets stopped to watch and I started digging furiously through my purse trying to find my camera.

Not even 2 seconds later, the light turned green.  The driver who was being assaulted by this crazy woman shoved her away from the car, slammed the door, and peeled off down the street.

"Oh no he didn't!" the woman shouted to herself as she made a bee-line back to her own vehicle.

The smell of burnt rubber was in the air as she began her high-speed chase once again, the manic honking disappearing off into the distance.

I couldn't get to my phone fast enough.  I tried to call Clay, but he didn't answer.  I was literally bursting at the seams waiting to share my Maury Povich experience with someone, and didn't want to leave him a message because a voicemail would never do this story justice.  What was that lady so gosh-darned angry about? Apparently she was ticked off enough not to care that she was tying to inflict bodily harm on someone in the middle of a public street. 

So I just want to say thank you to that crazed woman with the big cojones and the severe lack of self-respect.  You made my day. is quickly becoming my most favorite website of all time.  If there's one thing I love more than leaving a hateful letter or email, it's seeing a collection of hateful letters and emails gathered in one amazingly awesome website.  My favorites are the posts with pictures of notes and letters people leave on their food and drink in a corporate office to keep people away.  It warms my heart, actually. Whenever I'm upset with someone or want to say that something's bothering me, I'd much rather leave it on a post-it note than actually say it to someone's face.  It's not cowardly ... it's just passive aggressive

And that my friends, concludes this week's segment of Things I Love Thursday! Stay tuned tomorrow so you can see ... how I will probably forget to post something.

Take care!