Rise and Shine

Every morning I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. (isn't that cute?) because every night when I got to sleep, I have every intention of waking up at that time to exercise before work.  Working out in the morning is just better for me.  I have more energy, more motivation and a better attitude on days when I get my heart rate up first thing.  It makes me rise and shine, literally. And I'm so peppy, it's annoying.

However, I haven't worked steady 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours since I was in the advertising industry (and then it was more like working from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day. But don't worry, I'm totally not bitter about it or anything *rolls eyes*).  Anyway, it's been hard for me to readjust my biological clock and start working out ridiculously early in the morning like I used to.

But this morning I finally gave in to the incessant chirping of my alarm clock or more accurately, the incessant chirping of the birds outside our bedroom window. Even if I wanted to hit snooze and go back to bed for another hour (and trust me, I did want to), those darn birds were making it perfectly clear they weren't going to let me.  I laid on my back for a few minutes, cursing the rising sun and the melodic chirping just beyond my window and finally realized there was no way I'd be able to fall back asleep.  So I got up and went to the gym.

Well played, birds.  Well played.

Cross-training this morning ended up being for the best because there was no way I am going to attempt running outside after work in the 100 degree heat.  Today is only day 2 of the anticipated heat advisory for this week, and I'm already so uncomfortable I'm debating moving to Alaska or shaving my head.  Today I actually took the time to do my hair and wear a pretty sundress ... not because I wanted to look cute, but because I was desperate to wear something that will grant me the occasional breeze on my unmentionable lady parts.

How's that for a mental picture?

I think it needs to be mentioned that when I pulled my car into the gym parking lot I saw a "Lost Cat" poster taped to one of the light poles. Not thinking anything of it, I got out of my car and closed the door.  As soon as I turned to start walking towards the building, I saw that the "Lost Cat" was sitting right in front of me. I did a double-take, looking at the cat and then back at the poster several times.  Yup. It was him. Same black and white "tuxedo" pattern on his chest and everything.

But then I just walked away and went to the gym.

I felt bad, but honestly, what was I going to do with a cat at 6 in the morning? Trap him in my gym bag? I don't think so. Plus, the cat was sitting out in the middle of the parking of our apartment complex's amenities center ... someone is going to see him.

See? I'm not evil.  I thought this thing through.

Anyway, things in the CCJ Clan (Clayton, Courtney, and Joey) are going swimmingly. For those of you not up to speed on everything CCJ, here's a brief summary:
  • Last week Clayton started his brand new job at Indiana University.  His old job was also at the school, but due to budget cuts, his specific department was set to be shut down in the next year.  The powers that be insisted that everyone's jobs would be safe and that it was just a matter of disbanding and sending people to different campus locations, but neither one of us trusted that he would still be employed by the end of the next fiscal year.  Clayton started furiously looking for a new job and, by the tremendous grace of God, got a few call-backs for interviews.  After his scheduled interview, he called me to let me know how it went.  "Who were you interviewed by?" I had asked, fishing for details.  He replied, "A group of middle-aged women."  Laughing, I said, "A bunch of older women interviewed you? Yeah, that job is as good as yours."  Clayton's adorable.  Women love him. 
         And he got the job.
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, I was offered more hours at my part-time job that has given me almost full-time status (just a few hours short of getting benefits).  Honestly, I wrestled with the idea for a few days because the thought of not being eligible for insurance (right now I'm on Clayton's) or vacation hours made me really nervous to the point that I was making myself sick.  Clayton will be going to back to school in the next few years to advance his degree, and I will have to take on the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner when he can no longer work full-time. However, Clayton lovingly pointed out (during one of my manic episodes) that I've been working for the past 6 months without any accruing vacation time or insurance, and I had zero problems with it.  It's not any different now.  And this is a job I truly care about, so the pros definitely out-weighed the cons.  (Not to mention I can leave at 5:00 pm and be done for the day! Weeknight free-time is like a foreign concept to me.)
  • And, Joey is Joey.  There's not too much going on with him.  He's mostly a home-body and still doesn't have a job.  We're really aggravated that he isn't contributing to the household, but he's so gosh darn cute that we're willing to overlook it so long as he promises to snuggle with us occasionally and not fart so much.