Myspace survey!

It's Friday and nothing majorly awesome has happened to me since I last posted like, 12 hours ago.

But I will say this, I am significantly less snotty than I was last night. That Mucinex is really doing its job. I can almost feel those icky green balls of phlegm from the commercials packing their little boogery suitcases and high-tailing it out of my body.

^^And as a gross of a visual as this is, I am tickled that this wad of snot is wearing pants ... and wife-beater. Seems fitting. I bet if he had a name it would be something like Arnie or Hank or very I-play-in-a-bowling-league-on-Friday-nights. 

Anyway, in honor of having absolutely nothing newsworthy to share with you, I thought I'd revisit my high school/college roots and do something I haven't done in a really, really long time ...

... Myspace survey!!!

I'm embarrassed to admit that my myspace account still exists. But that's only because my college email address is no longer valid and apparently it still needs to be active in order for me to delete the myspace account. I cringe to think that I could do something really outrageously cool one day, become super duper famous, and the first thing that comes up in a google search for me would be my stupid myspace profile filled with Justin Timberlake music and a cupcake-patterned background that glitters. 

*face palm*

But I did love myspace solely for the purpose that you could post obnoxious bulletins that were nothing but my dumb answers to stupid questions randomly thought up by someone else. And myspace surveys were huge in my online circle of friends (all 10 of them), and I would get a kick out of reading their answers and try my best to come up with witty retorts of my own. Wanna know who my crush is? Wanna know my deepest, darkest secret? Well, read on to find out!

1. What is your natural hair color?
Dark brown ... but I've been getting it highlighted for the past few months. 
2. Where was your default pic taken?
I guess that would be my blogger profile pic.  I took it. In my bedroom. The blue lighting was just a cool coincidence. 
3. What's your middle name?
Alexis. I'm not a huge fan of my first name, but I think Courtney Alexis sounds pretty and flows together well.
4. Your current relationship status?
Married ... to the coolest guy on the planet.
5. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
Honestly? I'm not 13.
6. What is your current mood?
Very content. My life is amazing. I have so much to be thankful for.
7. What color underwear are you wearing?
I wish I could lie and say I'm wearing something cute, but no ... it's laundry day. Definitely rocking the old granny panties. 
8. What makes you happy?
My husband. No matter what happens in my life, I keep coming back to one simple truth—as long as I have Clayton, I don't need anything else. 
10. If you could go back in time and change something, what would you change?
Nothing really sticks out in my mind.  Sure, there are things that I said that I would like to take back or situations that I wish I responded to differently (AKA more maturely), but regrets are only mistakes you didn't learn from.
11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day- what would you be?
A dolphin. I'd swim close to shore and let people think I was a shark ... then head over to Sea World and make bank doing tricks.
12. Ever had a near death experience?
No. But when I was 8 I went parasailing and was drug through a tree.
13. Something you do a lot?
This. Blog. About nonsense. I also run ... a lot.  And worry ... a lot.  And obsess ... a lot. I road trip ... a lot.
14. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
Some stupid song I heard on the radio yesterday that I don't even really know the words to: "lay me down on a bed of roses" and that's all I know.  So yes, I've been singing the same 8 words to myself over and over again.
15. Who did you copy and paste this from?
The internet. 
16. Name someone with the same b-day as you?
My high school buddy, Jessica! As well as a college friend named Kristie.
17. When was the last time you cried?
I was really frustrated about something last week and for me? Frustration = tears. 
18. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
Yes. I did the whole choir thing a lot in middle school
19. If you could have one super power what would it be?
Reading people's minds would be awesome until they started thinking bad things.  I'm somewhat terrified of what people really think of me. 
20. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
That they're not my husband, so I don't care. 
22. What's your biggest secret?
I've never told this secret to anyone, but sure, I'll share it with you, random myspace survey.
23. Favorite color(s)?
Green. I love green! And that dusty shade of purple that almost looks gray. 
24. When was the last time you lied?
I honestly can't remember. I try not to lie.
25. How amazing is your boyfriend/girlfriend?
So amazing I married him.
26. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
Clay and I still watch Disney movies and I own the complete series of Salute Your Shorts on DVD.
27. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
A can of diet sparkling cranberry juice. I'm obessed.
28.Do you speak any other language?
A little French ... and by a little, I mean I can say "Hello" and order a sandwich.
29. What's your favorite smell?
My dog's feet in the morning.  I can't even explain it, but it's wonderful.
30. If you could describe your life in one word what would it be?
31. When was the last time you gave/received a hug?
This afternoon when Clay dropped me off at work after lunch. 
32. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?
I've been kissed when it's raining outside ... surely that counts. 
33. What are you thinking about right now?
When it's going to rain next so I can drag Clayton outside and smooch him. 
34. What should you be doing?
Working on a freelance project about frogs.
35. What was the last thing that made you upset/angry?
That this survey isn't over yet. 
36. How often do you pray?
Everyday ... probably not as earnestly as I should though.
37. Do you like working in the yard?
Yes! But I don't have my own yard to work in!
38. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?
The one I've got.  It's a huge step up from my maiden name ... this one is actually pronounceable!
39. Do you act differently around your crushes?
I am over this survey. Seriously. 
40. Name one song that reminds you of an ex?
This is so stupid.
41. What number question wasn't included in this survey?

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!