Hot July weekend recap

A few factoids about my weekend:
  • While running on Friday afternoon I got stung by a bee. On mile 3 I felt a sudden prick of pain on the top of my foot, right where my skin meets my sock.  Thinking it was a mosquito, I briefly paused and bent over to swat the bug away.  That's when I saw the shiver-inducing, black and yellow body of a bee wiggling around behind the tongue of my shoe.  Panic ensued.  I slapped the bee off of my sock, but not before he had a chance to sting me.  Like a trooper, I finished my run and did my best to ignore the burning sensation coming from my foot.  I haven't been stung by a bee since I was in fifth grade and one flew up my red windbreaker during recess, and I forgot how unpleasant it is.  Three days later my ankle is still swollen and itchy.  The only saving grace of the entire experience is the satisfaction of knowing that that stupid bee is now dead.
  • On Saturday I decided that I want to move into a Cheesecake Factory and forever live amongst the different types of cheesecake and various other food items on their menu. This weekend I tried their Red Velvet Cheesecake after stuffing myself on a heaping pile of Edamame (steamed and salted snow peas).  This meal was, in my opinion, one of the best life decisions I've ever made. 

  • I think Clayton and I witnessed a taping of Extreme Couponing at our local grocery store. While we were wheeling our cart of goodies towards the exit, we noticed a crowd gathered around a register and a camera crew taping the couple waiting in line.  Clayton and I opted to leave because I didn't want to be caught on tape in the background and broadcast on national TV looking like a hot mess in my pajamas on a Sunday afternoon.  Suddenly my joy over saving $.50 on a can of Spaghetti-O's seemed trivial and irrelevant. 

  • I think I ate my weight in hummus while playing euchre with our friends.  To be more specific, I think I ate my weight in hummus while playing euchre with our friends and having a lengthy discussion on everything that is scientifically inaccurate about the movie Twister

  • Watching my mom's white lab, Monty, swim in a kiddie pool is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  We spent part of Saturday at my Mom's house and had the opportunity to play with my nephew who was visiting for the weekend.  My mom bought him an inflatable pool that her dog ended up liking better than anyone else.  After running around the yard in the hot afternoon sun, Monty decided he needed to cool off.  We spent the next hour or so watching him go "snorkeling" for my nephew's pool toys and playing fetch in the water.  Joey doesn't like to get wet, so he stayed far away form the pool.  However, Joey also hates being left out of anything and proceeded to stand a safe distance away from the water and bark at everyone.

In all, I would have to say that this weekend was a smashing success! I hope everyone else got to enjoy their weekends, too!