Things I Love Thursday!

You know what I truly love on any day, not just Thursday?


Refreshing, replenishing, cooling rain.

But just like money in my wallet, there seems to be a shortage of it around here.

It looked like it could rain today.  In fact, it was supposed to rain today. The local radar showed a lovely red and yellow blob heading towards our area, but, like usual, the storm dissipated and continued north east. Such a tease. I checked the forecast regularly throughout the day, growing increasingly frustrated as I watched the chance for precipitation drop from 60% to 50% to 40% and eventually bottoming out at a laughable 30%.  And, if you ask me, a 30% chance is nothing.  If someone were to say, "Courtney, there's a 30% chance that a rabid beaver is going to attack you in the shower tomorrow morning," I would go into my bathroom tomorrow morning pretty confident that I'd make it back out without needing a vaccination.

For some reason, the lack of rain totally reminds me of what it was like with my very first boyfriend (the term "boyfriend" being used loosely when applied to someone who was only 13 years-old at the time).  I really liked this guy. Like, really. But I was far too shy to do anything about it, and just the idea of talking to him made my face turn about a million different shades of red. However, I started to get little hints that he liked me as well.  Every day at 7th period he'd randomly show up outside the door of my classroom, a room that wasn't even remotely close to where he was supposed to be, and proceed to wait. When I would come out, he would smile at me, say "Hi", and then leave. And that's it. This happened everyday like clock-work and totally lead me to believe that maybe, just maybe, he liked me as more than a friend.

But it took forever to progress to anything beyond that. It was such a tease. I would go to bed every night daydreaming that he was going to ask me out.  It looked like he could ask me out.  In fact, given the recent events, he was supposed to as me out.

Almost an entire month later, after the countless hints and flirtatious teasing of my emotions, he eventually asked me out. 

So I have full confidence that it will eventually rain.  But hopefully the rain won't dump me three months later for not wanting to make-out with it.

On to business ....

Things I Love Thursday!

The color "Green Apple"

This shade of green has been showing up in a lot of home decor and kitchen aisles at stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Green is my favorite color, and this particular shade is so punchy and fun that I absolutely cannot help myself.  I have a lot of products this color in my kitchen already, spanning from dish towels to baking utensils to a colander.  And it's very atypical of me to choose items that are so bright and bold. In the past I've stuck to very neutral colors because I believed that understated was the way to go (or, I was just secretly intimidated by the idea of trying to successfully pull off a bold color scheme). 

This color can be paired very easily with just simple black and white, or, for those who are more daring, it can be deliciously complimented with other citrus colors like yellow or orange or even pink (think grapefruit). But I would just pick one of them to be your bold statement color and let the others be more muted tones to keep things from looking too overwhelming. 

While perusing the internet for more green apple kitchen products, I stumbled across my dream kitchen gadget that I am positively in lust with:

^^Doesn't that make you hungry just looking at it?

McDonald's Unsweetened Iced Tea

I've bought one of these every day for the last three days.  For me, the start of summer signifies that it's time to add more iced tea to my diet and, at only $1, there's almost no reason why you shouldn't be able to have one ever day! (unless you have bills or something) I'm sure that McDonald's tea isn't anything special, and it's probably made with really cheap ingredients or spare chicken parts, but it's so delcious I don't even care. I hardly ever eat their food anymore, but I can be seen sneaking into their drive-thru at least once a week in the summer for a giant iced tea.  To me, there is not a more freshing drink out there - it's zero calories, it's mostly water, and it tastes yummy! (But I don't know why they only put it in cups that say "Sweet Tea". Sweet tea is disgusting.  It tastes like you're drinking cavities.)

OPI 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Nail Polish Collection

In honor of the fourth and final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, OPI launched a nail polish collection celebrating any and all things pirate.  In the past year or so I've become quite infactuated with painting my nails and consider OPI to be the Holy Grail of finger fashion.  The line they created for Katy Perry was just what you would expect it to be - colorful and loud.  However, the Pirates... line went in a very different direction and created some really beautiful pastel shades that will compliment any summer outfit without overpowering your hands.

My favorite shade (the first one on the left above) is actually called "Mermaid's Tears". How fun (and slightly morbid) is that!? Plus, all of these shades look amazing with a coat of OPI's Silver Shatter.  Not familiar with Shatter? Take a look at this:

Awesome effect, right?

Several of my friends are keen on Shatter as well and it's fun to talk about the different color combinations we come up with. Shatter is the perfect way to give yourself a unique pedicure without shelling out $40+ at a nail salon for stencils or stickers.  I purchase all of my OPI products on ebay or amazon to save some cash!

Sweat Stains After Working Out

I know it's gross, but I love sweating ... but only when I'm at the gym or on the trail.  Yeah, yeah, I know - women aren't supposed to sweat. But let me tell ya, not only do I sweat on a regular basis, I sweat A LOT. It's the absolute easiest way to tell if you're working your body hard enough.  Sure, it's kind of stinky, and sometimes sticky, but it is the true mark of a job well done! Whenever I finish a run or get off the elliptical, I like seeing dark rings on my shirt.  That's the look of accomplishment. Take a whiff - that's the smell of success!

And that wraps things up for me today! I gotta toss some chicken into the crockpot and get ready for my softball game tonight (which I WILL show up for at the right time).

Catch ya later!