Things I Love Thursday!

I don’t know if it was my vacation or the fact that Monday was a holiday, but I have absolutely no concept of time anymore.  I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised when I realized that not only is today actually Thursday (and one day closer to the weekend), but tonight I am going to Indy with my husby to see GLEE LIVE IN CONCERT!

And you bet your bottom dollar that he is just thrilllllllllllllllllled about going. ;)

My plan is to enjoy the show and then sneak backstage and ambush Chris Colfer, thus fulfilling my dream of us becoming super best friends forever and chatting every night on Skype and traveling to L.A. every other weekend for Chris and Courtney Adventure Time that will include lots of sporadic outbursts of song.  It’s going to be great.

And I’m really counting on tonight to be fantabulous because our being in Florida made us miss the Indy 500 which means I missed Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem which means Kelly could have feasibly been within the same breathing space which means we could have been besties by now, too.  And the fact that I was over a thousand miles south of her, gallivanting on the beach while she was in my home state, makes my heart sad. 

But, since it is indeed Thursday, you know what that means!

Things I Love Thursday!

The Book of Awesome

One of my favorite blogs is simply because it's entertaining and always makes me hungry for cake.  One of their more recent entries had a plug for one of their friend’s books called The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things. Believing absolutely everything I read, I immediately went to our local library to check out this amazingly awesome book, not even knowing what it was about.  With a title like that, how could it NOT be awesome?

And I was not disappointed.

It is awesome.

The book is nothing more than a collection of majorly, majorly awesome things. The book has no real chapters, just the name of something that is really awesome and a brief paragraph or two of why said thing is so amazingly awesome.

Some of my personal favorites that had me nodding knowingly to myself as I read were:

  •  Remembering what movie that guy was from
  •  Laughing so hard you make no sound at all
  • The three-paycheck month
  •  Your favorite old, comfy t-shirt
  •  Putting potato chips on your sandwich
  •  Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next year
  • The moment at a restaurant after you see you see your food coming but before it lands on your table
  • Picking up a “q” and a “u” at the same time during Scrabble
This book is the absolute greatest example of what people mean when they say things like “It’s the little things that count the most” or “the best things in life are free”.  This book definitely celebrates the small, inconsequential things that we tend to breeze by in our daily live because we’re busy putting our focus on what we think should be important.

And the best part? They just came out with The Book of Even More Awesome.

"Good Hair"

I saw the preview for this documentary while watching another movie by the same production company and knew immediately that I had to go rent it.  When I called our local movie store to see if it was available, I learned that all of the copies were rented out and knowing it was gone only made me want to watch the movie even more. When Clay and I finally found a video store that had it in stock, we watched it that very night even though we had to get up early for work the next day.

My college degree is in journalism, but I minored in gender studies as well.  All journalism students at Indiana University are required to pick a concentration area outside of the school to earn a certain number of credit hours in.  Out of sheer curiosity, I had taken quite a few gender studies courses my freshmen year and figured it would be easiest to just continue on that path. 

A lot of people assume that gender studies courses are classes designed by, for, and about bra-burning feminists who won’t stop until they’re equal to men in every way.  That’s definitely not the case (as well as a horrible stereotype).  In the gender studies courses I’ve taken, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about how advertising effects gender and race, the life of women in war-torn countries, the differences between women of different cultures and economic status, the psychology of gender, and the history of queer and lesbian cultures (to just name a few topics).  The study of people, in general, is fascinating and these classes created a dialogue for some of the most intense, eye-opening conversations I’ve ever had in my entire academic career. 

This film piqued my interest because I thought not only was the subject matter immensely interesting, but I was curious about how a documentary about black women’s hair was the idea of a man.

In the opening scene of the movie, Chris Rock shares a story about his youngest daughter coming home after school and asking her father, “Why don’t I have good hair?”

The documentary explores the societal pressure on African American women to have “white girl” hair, or hair that is silky and straight verses hair that is "coarse" or "nappy", and the extreme physical and financial risks they take to achieve it.  The subject of chemical hair relaxes is explored as well as the price of weaves, the process of creating a weave, and why the black hair industry is primarily run by Asians.

I thought the documentary was incredible and extremely well done.  I learned a lot from it, too.  For instance, did you know that India’s number one export is human hair? That’s right, human hair.  Apparently Indian women’s hair is the most sought-after type of hair for creating weaves and extensions.  In fact, the demand is go great that Indian women are literally scalped in their sleep.  Also, during a special religious ceremony that symbolizes sacrifice, men and women elect to have their heads shaves as a symbol of stripping away their vanity.  This hair, this hair that is given as a religious token and sign of devotion, is then shipped over the United States and made into a weave that some woman will pay up to $3,000 to have sewn or glued onto her head.

It’s insane.  If you like documentaries, I definitely recommend you check this one out!

Frozen Bananas Dipped in Chocolate

I remember going to Indiana Beach (an "amusement park" for us Hoosier folk) one summer with my best friend and looking on in horror as she purchased a banana dipped in chocolate.  Blushing and turning away from her, I tried to ignore how horribly inappropriate she looked eating this phallus-looking treat in public. I thought it was disgusting …

… until I tried one.

While Clay and I were in Florida we kept driving by ice cream shops that had giant posters in their store windows advertising frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.  Over the past several years I've developed a deep love of the fruit and will not hesitate to order a banana-flavored (or raspberry!) anything.  It was 96 degrees, the sun was beating down on my neck, and I couldn’t help but think that one of these frozen bananas would be the perfect mid-day snack.

Clay ordered the regular chocolate banana, but I, of course, ordered the banana that was dipped in chocolate AND sprinkles.  When I got my desert, I almost broke the banana in half because I was trying to yank it out of the packaging and put it into my stomach as quickly as humanly possible.

Clay and I didn’t speak the entire time we ate our bananas.  We just sat there, side-by-side, enjoying the best-tasting frozen treat in the history of man-kind. As soon as I was finished I asked for another one.

It is the perfect food: You’ve got a piece of fruit (which is way better for you than eating say, ICE CREAM dipped in chocolate), a chocolate shell with the perfect level of thickness, and then a coating of sprinkles which, in my opinion, is like the confetti of food.  It’s the perfect combination.  I don’t even care how lewd I look eating one.

The next time I got the grocery store, I am getting a bunch of bananas and I am making these … and I will be eating them allllllllll summer long.


Since I never know how to end these Thursday posts, I’m just going to close with a text conversation that took place between Clayton and myself this morning after he already left for work:

Me: I owe you a box of cereal.

Clay: Don’t tell me you cashed off the rest of it …

Me: Okay, I won’t.

Clay: Wow. That cereal was going to last me for TWO more days. How the heck do you stay thin?

Me:  By eating other people’s food.  Calories don’t count if they’re not yours.

Clay: I’m starting to think we don’t have a mouse in the apartment at all and you're just secretly eating all of our food and crapping in the pantry.

Me: You’re wrong about the “eating all the food” part …


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