Things I Love Thursday! (loofah addition)

Something horrible happened to my loofah yesterday. While I was taking my third shower of the day, I noticed that my loofah was feeling extra "floppy". Little ruffles of fabric were coming loose and every time I tried to shove one back into the center of the sponge, another ruffle broke free. (And I was briefly fascinated because I never really took time to consider what was holding a loofah together in the first place ... which I now realize is nothing.) Sure enough, my loofah started unraveling and in no time at all I found myself exfoliating my body with a mesh accordion. I was so irritated. I just bought this loofah last week. And by golly, if I shell out an entire dollar for something I expect it to last three or four weeks ... tops.

Naturally, I decided to string the dilapidated loofah like a streamer so Clayton's next shower would be festive.

Anyway, on to business!

Things I Love Thursday!

Getting Inexplicably Awesome Things in the Mail

I'm a huge fan of technology and I send probably no less than a hundred emails a day, but there is definitely something to be said for getting regular ol' snail mail. This past winter, a childhood friend sent me a giant envelope stuffed with letters I wrote to her after I moved away in fifth grade. After dying a small death of embarrassment over how immature I sounded prattling on and on about my stupid problems in letters adorned with Lisa Frank stickers, I realized how awesome it is that she kept them after all these years. In fact, I still have her letters and pretty much every note I received in high school shoved into a plastic bin under my bed. I love getting mail.

I got another pretty awesome piece of mail last week. I came home from work and found this in my mailbox:

Any guess to what this is? It's an identification card ... for Joey. My dog has an ID card. My vet printed out a plastic ID card for me to keep on his behalf. It has all of his information listed including his height, weight, shot history and allergies (not to mention the absolutely cutest photo of him ever). You know what else? It came with a smaller version ... for my key chain.

(I blurred the image in Photoshop because I'm not too keen on people knowing where my dog goes to the vet ... I don't know why. Or maybe I did it just because I'm paranoid that you'll steal his identity and start making outrageous purchases on his credit cards.)

Strawberries Rolled in Splenda

It's only the end of June, but I'm pretty sure I've already eaten 3x Joey's weight in strawberries this summer.  I can't help it. Our local grocer keeps lowering the price on this fruit, so I dutifully keep buying it. Rinse the berries off, chop off their hair (or the green part. You might call it something different. You might call it by it's technical name. You might be smarter than me.), and roll them in a pinch of Splenda. It's a snack that's actually refreshing and satisfies a sweet tooth without any guilt!

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Premium Ice Cream 

Yes, it's another food item, but I like food ... so there. And it's no secret that I love cake. I found this at Wal-Mart one night when I made Clayton go grocery shopping with me at 11:30 pm because "I had a craving" and wanted "something bad for me". I was making my way down the freezer aisle towards my go-to Ben and Jerry's pint of Chunky Monkey, but this little baby caught my eye. It's cake flavored ice cream with sprinkles and frosting mixed in.


You read that right.

It's ice cream that tastes like cake. That my friends, is what we like to call a "win-win". If I could do my wedding over again, I would have an ice cream cake made out of this ... it would be ice cream that tastes like cake ... MADE INTO A CAKE.  My mind is blown just thinking about how awesome that would be ...

Well, as you can safely guess, typing this entry made me hungry. So I'm going to go get a snack. Unfortunately, I'm out of strawberries and Birthday Party ice cream.

Looks like I'll just have an apple.

Ha ha ... I'm totally just kidding. I'm grabbing my car keys and heading to Wal-Mart right as we speak.


  1. Calling the green part of a strawberry "the hair" is absolutely hilarious. Who cares what the technical name is when there's a funnier option?


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