On the road again!

I'm so freakin' excited to give Clay his birthday present that I almost told him what it is 3 different times. I am the absolute worst secret keeper ever ... especially when it comes to surprises. So don't tell me what sex your baby is, when you're going to propose, or what the lab results are unless you plan on a whole lot of people finding out about it really fast.

Gah! And I have to wait 6 more hours until dinnertime to give it to him. I might have to duct tape my mouth shut between now and then.

But just a head's upClay and I are peacin' out of here tomorrow afternoon/evening and headin' on down to Florida. I will be MIA from blogging, Facebook and Twitter this week, so you won't get an update on how sunburned I get or how many crab legs I eat until probably next Tuesday. We plan on sunbathing and doing little else other than drinking margaritas. However, we will be making a visit to the local zoo because the last time we were there, they had a pair of monkeys named Milli and Vanilli (greatest. names. EVER.) who chased each other back and forth on their little monkey island with their arms up and waving around in the air. Clayton almost passed out from laughing and I almost passed out from laughing at Clayton laughing. Ah, memories ...

Milli and Vanilli in action.

^^Milli Vanilli, too.

I convinced Clayton to bring his sneakers because I have every intention of getting some running in while on vacation. We're going to try barefoot running on the beach and see how long it takes to seriously maim ourselves on broken pieces of shells. So if that's a bust, we're going to run on the trails near Lovers Key State Park because I can't think of anything more awesome than sweating my tan off while I'm supposed to be relaxing on a beach blanket with a good book. But hey, to each his own!

A few shots of Lovers Key from when we were there back in 2006.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and a safe Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I'm gonna miss your daily posts! Hope you have a fantastic vacation! Soak up some sun for us!

  2. ahhhh!!! i hope that you guys have a blast!!

  3. Now I'm all curious as to what his birthday present is...and you're gone for a WEEK...

    Have a blast!!


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