The soundtrack to my childhood

^^I am in like, stupid love with this picture.

It's almost as if I told Kristy, "I doubt you could possibly capture Clayton and I looking any more in love than we already are", and she was all like, "I accept that challenge!". Then angels sighed and sparkles and rainbows came shooting out of her camera lens as she caught a perfect moment and proved me wrong.

Sorry, I just love my husband. Like a lot. If were were in second grade and he passed me a note that said, "Do you like me? Check 'Yes' or 'No'", I totally would have circled "Yes" twice ... in black sharpie.

^^How amazing are that guy's glasses? Looks like he hasn't changed frames since he was in elementary school. And you know why? They're a total babe magnet.

Looking at this video totally peaked my curiosity to search on YouTube for other songs I used to listen to when I was a kid. Soon after my parents got divorced, my dad went through this huge country music phase and was really into making mixed tapes for the car when he drove us back in forth between his house and my mom's. He also used to record music videos off of CMT, and my sister and I would sit in the living room of his apartment and devour those music videos because we were 10 and didn't really have much else going on.

Shania Twain's "I'm Outta Here"

After I watched this video for the first time, I was convinced that I needed to buy a red cropped turtle-neck sweater and to start doing sit-ups. I had no doubt in my mind that there was only one thing men wanted and that was Shania Twain standing in front of a big window banging a drum in that shirt.

Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"

Did I ever mention my dad was REALLY into Shania Twain? And I'd be lying if I said I didn't have her Greatest Hits cd on my iPod ... must be genetics.

Faith Hill's "It Matters To Me"

I'd also be lying if I said I didn't own the cassette single of this song and that I used to sit in my room and sing this song at the top of my lungs pretending like I knew what it felt like to be this heartbroken when I was still at the age where I thought boys were gross.

Chely's Wright's "Single White Female"

My dad also loved Chely Wright which ultimately meant my sister and I did, too. For the longest time I thought that this song was past of the soundtrack from the movie Single White Female ... until I actually saw the movie once on Netflix and ... no ... not even close.

Soul For Real's "Candy Rain"

My oldest sister had this song on a cassette and would let Ashley and I play it over and over when we lived in a tiny apartment with my mom right after our parents split up. We might have even busted out the karaoke machine for this one (when we weren’t rapping “Gangster’s Paradise”).

I haven’t thought of this song in YEARS and completely forgot about it, but this past Christmas at my mother’s house the chorus randomly popped into my head and I asked my sister, “Do you remember that ‘Candy Rain’ song we used to sing all the time?” Without missing a beat, my sister replied, “That Soul for Real song?” … and that was when I knew my sister was officially the coolest person on the planet.

Divine's "Lately"

I used to pray for this song to come on the radio when I was in 7th grade. I would hole up in my bedroom and listen to the radio until it came on, then I would stand by the window with my face pressed almost completely against the glass so my singing would be muffled and no one would make fun of me.

I seriously need to download these songs onto a mixed cd and cruise around town with my windows down. The only song that's missing is Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take", but I hesitate to put that video on my blog and remind myself that Ashley and I choreographed an entire light show to this song with our Ghostbuster flashlights. Ah, memories ...


  1. You two are so cute together!!! :)

  2. I stumbled upon this blog because you commented on the most recent 2birds1blog post, and your comment made me think "HA! 'Trousers.' This girl is funny. And quite possibly my long-lost twin."

    ...Reading lots of backlogged posts has done nothing but validate my initial reaction. Well done, you have a new--already loyal--reader.

  3. ^^And you two commenters just made my day!

    I've always wanted a twin, so I can really see this working out.


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