Courtney, as of today ...

As of May 1st, 2011, this is the current state of me:

I’m honestly having a hard time thinking about anything past next Saturday. As you all know, I’m training for my second mini marathon which will take place in Indianapolis on May 7th … Saturday. After an easy 3 miles tomorrow, my training will officially be over and I will be kicking back and resting for the remainder of the week. That’s right, no cross-training, no nothing (which I’m worried about. I’ve become quite a workout junky and I truly hate going more than a day without physical activity). My last long run was this past Friday, 8 miles, and even though my knee felt a little achy, I was able to finish feeling strong and within one minute of my training PR (personal record) for that distance. More than feeling nervous and scared about the race, I’m feeling really excited and anxious to be a part of the One America 500 Festival. My only worry at this point is my knee. It’s been sore since last Monday, and I suspect it’s because I ran 14 miles on a treadmill in just 3 days and the running surface aggravated my joints. My knee hasn’t hurt to the point of prohibiting me from participating in normal activities (it doesn't hurt when I walk, squat, sit, put pressure on it, or anything like that), but the fact that my knee is bothering me at all is alarming. I’ve been on a strict heating pad and ice pack regimen, and the smell of IcyHot has been wafting around our apartment regularly. I’m praying it’s just a little soreness or bruising that will go away with these next few days of rest.

That being said, everything else seems like a blur.

  • Softball has just simply not been happening because of the constant rain.
  • I’ve been eating a lot of Kashi Go Lean cereal, and I mean a lot. Like, if someone were to punch me in the stomach right now, I’m pretty sure a granola bar would pop out of my mouth. I tend to do this with food. When I find something I really like, I’ll consume it like it’s going out of style until I get sick of it and move on to something else. Last month it was nectarines. For the last 25 years it’s been cheeseburgers.
  • I’ve been on a quest to find a new pair of shorts, but am having little luck. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated because I can’t seem to find a style that doesn’t showcase my butt cheeks or 16-years-of-softball-and-volleyball thighs. I have a hard time believing that there’s a strong market for clothing this short, but judging by all the teenage girls I see running around the mall, apparently there is. The longest in-seem that American Eagle Outfitters sells is 2.5 inches … that is absurd. Anything longer than that is a Bermuda short or capri pant. I have fat knee caps, so Bermuda shorts look dreadful on me, and by mid-June it’s simply too hot to wear capris. Today’s fashion is so annoying. If anyone has suggestions for longer, affordable shorts that don’t make me look hoochy, or like a grandmother, please let me know!
(these shorts are ADORABLE, but not functional.)

  • As I mentioned in a previous post, Clay and I were approached by one of my friends to help build her photography portfolio. Being incredibly vain, I eagerly agreed to work with her on a photo shoot. The weather on Saturday was perfect, and Kristy did an amazing job. Just the two or three pictures she showed us during the shoot looked great and captured Clay and I very well. She has a real talent for this line of work, and we were thrilled to help her out. I’ve been anxiously stalking her website to see if she’s posted any “sneak peek” photos because Clayton and I haven’t had any really good photos of us taken since my sister did our engagement photos back in May of 2008 (or wedding photos were just so-so. But hey, that’s what you get when you’re on a budget). And hopefully most of you women out there can relate, but it’s always nice to take a pretty photo. I’ve had a hard time feeling pretty lately, so I’m hoping this can boost my confidence a little. Am I the only one who gets anxiety about how they look in photos?

  • Friday night we had the pleasure of hanging out with our friends over at their new house. Like normal, we ended up playing a board game, this time playing one I wasn’t familiar with called “Last Word”. It’s pretty much exactly how it sounds: Everyone draws a subject card and someone turns over a letter card. If you can think of something for your subject that starts with that particular letter, you throw you card down, say your subject and that word, and then hit the timer. This triggers everyone else to start yelling out other things pertaining to your subject that also starts with that letter. Whoever says a word last before the timer goes off, gets to move forward a space. For example, Clay had the subject card “Things that are clear”. When the letter W was turned over, Clay slammed down his card, started the timer, and yelled, “WATER! WINDOWS!” Then we all just sat there in silence until the buzzer went off because we couldn’t think of anything else, letting Clay move one space forward. Later, I literally almost peed my pants when my friend slammed down the subject “all things China” with the letter C and just kept naming random things with the word “Chinese “ in front of it.
         "Chinese food! …. Chinese people! … Chinese clothes! *buzzer sounds* … I WIN!”
  • Clay and I love board games and were just thrilled to pieces when Clay’s mom uncovered a gift certificate to the local game store that Clay got for Christmas back in 2002. The gift certificate said “Never” under the expiration date, so today we went over to the store to cash it in. We ended up leaving with 3 card games and talking about various games we’d like to own in the future. Clay’s obsessed with the game "Clue" and I really like "Life" simply because every time I play it, I think about back in high school when we dared my best friend to eat one of the tiny pawns just to see how long it would take for it to “pass” through her system.

  • The only thing better than the Easter holiday is the week after Easter. All of the Easter candy at Wal-Mart was 50% and I got a 1 lb solid chocolate rabbit for a $1.25. Sure, I've never heard of the brand before and the chocolate has a "grainy" taste to it, but a pound of milk chocolate is a pound of milk chocolate.
And, there you have it – a quick and dirty update on the happenings over in my little corner of the world. But now you’ll have to excuse me, Clayton just made homemade French fries to go with our bratwursts.


  1. I have the same problem with shorts! I found decent length ones at Express with a 4.5" seam. Unfortunately, they cost an arm and a leg. However, they sometimes have them as "Buy one, get one half off" deal!

    Happy shopping :)

    P.S. Hope we can meet up before the Mini so I can let you know where the best place to meet Clay afterward!

  2. How old are your running shoes? I get some intense knee pain when my shoes are old. You shouldn't get new ones right before the race, but inserts might help. My knees hurt within the first mile of the Denver half marathon, but I powered through it by solely focusing my attention on water stations.

    Also, skip shorts and go with skirts! Much more comfortable in that Indiana humidity.

  3. My shoes are actually relatively new. I got them just last month. It seems most likely to be an overuse injury, and I'm pretty sure it will work itself out. Like I've said before, it really isn't effecting my life or my running past being a little uncomfortable at times. But I definitely think I'll try inserts in the near future!

    And yes - I do love a nice, summery skirt!

  4. Just so you know, I had the same problem with shorts and I found that Old Navy sells cute shorts that are a little longer.


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