Ask Me Anything! Answers, Round Deux

The following email exchange took place between Clay and I yesterday afternoon:

Me: Forgive me if this sounds weird, but can birds have bad breath?

Clay: Interesting question…with all the crap that they eat, I can’t imagine they couldn’t…

Me: But they don’t have teeth, right? Do they have tongues? Doesn't bad breath bacteria hang around on your tongue?

Clay: Yeah they have tongues, so I assume you’re correct with the bacteria assumption….where did this come from anyway?

Me: I was just thinking about it. I googled it. And turns out there's a forum for bird owners concerned with their bird's bad breath. But my question is, what situation would warrant you putting your face close enough to a bird that you could comment on their oral hygiene?

Clay: Expanding on that, why would you need to be in the bird’s face, that close, for that long a period to notice the bad breath…I mean they have very small mouths. You’d have to be REALLY close!

Me: Bird lover?

Clay: You mean like bird LOVER?

Me: Emphasis on the "LOVER" part.

Clay: Some doors are better left shut, Court.


 ^^There are just no words for how much I love this man.

Anyway, last night was the first night I got to play softball with the second team I’m signed up with this summer. I think the girls mesh really well together, and we’re not half bad! We had a commanding lead for most of the game, but a few huge hits from the other team in the final two innings threw us for a loop. So we lost, but only by one point. I’m not upset about it at all considering that my team last year had a pretty impress losing streak and a tendency for games to be called early because we were so far behind (Can we say “majorly embarrassing?”). My hitting felt pretty good last night (I was 3 for 4), and I got a lot of base running in. At first my thighs were like, “What the heck, Courtney? Did you somehow forget you ran a marathon only three days ago?”, but then they got over it and I didn’t feel quite so sore at the end. Of all my post-race injuries, I think my big toe is giving me the most trouble. It kept bumping up against my cleat and I’m convinced now more than ever that it’s going to fall off again … I basically just signed myself up for another summer of janky toe. *Sigh*

Alrighty, now on to the final segment of “Ask Me Anything! Answers, Round 2”!

Courtney, when you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

The answer to this question varies depending on when exactly during my childhood you would ask me this. My earliest career choice that I can recall was my inherent desire to be Robin Hood. But not the Kevin Costner character, nor the one from the actual book; I wanted to be the fox from the Disney movie version. My parents recorded the movie off of TV at some point and I remember watching it constantly, forever cementing my creepy crush on animated animals. When I was like 5 or so (I never can tell how old I was in pictures. I always flip them over and count on my mom to have written “Age 5” on the back in pen … probably because she won’t know how old I was either) my mom made me a Robin Hood costume for Halloween. It came complete with a cape and a big green hat with a red feather. I wore that costume on Halloween, after Halloween, months later – I loved it! I have vivid memories of playing on our swing set with the hat on my head, pretending to rescue Maid Marian from a tower. I was fully convinced I could be him when I grew up and probably thought it was only a matter of days before I sprouted a bushy tail.

As I got older I decided I wanted to be a vet and then, more specifically, a marine biologist. I remember driving home one Saturday with my dad on our way back from a travel volleyball league tournament and he asked me what I wanted to do for a career. We talked for the entire hour about what being a marine biologist meant, what exactly I wanted to do with that job, and what kind of schooling that would entail. From then on I was pretty sure this was what I was going to do with my life … until I realized that this lived in the ocean:

In high school I took a journalism class that covered a broad spectrum of media, including advertising. My teacher gave us a few assignments that forced us to create our own advertising campaigns … and I was hooked. Advertising was one of the few subjects I would get so excited about I would literally start drooling. Gender studies, racial studies, and a general understanding of human psychology play a major, major role in marketing and advertising. These were things I enjoyed discussing, enjoyed reading about, and enjoyed learning about. I was creative by nature and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was my calling. That’s why I majored in journalism and geared everything I studied towards that coveted career.

Then all that stuff happened with my “dream job” this past fall, and that dreamboat sunk FAST. I know that’s why I was so tortured about leaving that job ... it was my passion. And that passion got shot and killed.

At one point I wanted to play Penny Pingleton in broadway’s Hairspray. But apparently you need dancing, singing, and acting talent in order to do that.

Now, I’m 25 years-old and found myself working in publishing again. I still feel like I’m young enough to say, “When I grow up…”, so I’m comfortable stating that, when I grow up, I want to be a writer. That’s my future goal. I’d love to be able to make a career out of writing and give myself a career that allows me to work on my own time and do something that I know will seriously make me happy. I think being a writer will fit quite nicely with my other future plans of being a stay-at-home mommy and the mother of several doggies.

So what exactly are Clayton’s grooming habits?

Great question. Glad I prompted this. Clay is actually a very, very clean human being, despite what his specific gender has led us to believe. He takes more showers than any guy I know, but his natural, God-given scent is intoxicating (However, ladies, if you walk up and start smelling my husband, I will fight you).

Clay has sported a beard for probably last 7 of the almost 8 years we’ve been together. He trims it regularly and knows that drives me insane with wifey lust. Once or twice he’s talked about completely shaving it off, and once or twice I’ve threatened to no longer remain married to him. I just love it. It’s rugged, manly and he looks like a shoe-in to be on a packge of Brawny paper towels.

The first year we started dating, Clay only had a little tiny patch of hair on his chin that I started lovingly referring to as his ferret (the more I think about that now, the more disgusting that sounds. Ferrets stink). You can see his “ferret” documented here in one of my senior pictures. I’m not sure how the ferret blossomed into a full-on face sweater, but I love him no matter what. He is a fine looking man regardless of the amount of hair on his face.

Clay also takes immaculate care of his finger nails. In fact, I complimented him on his nails on our very first date at his junior prom. He trims them regularly and they just look nice. I guess that’s all you can really say about finger nails.

You seem like a gal who loves to eat, what are some of your favorite foods to eat and some of your favorite things to cook?

Well, first of all, I’m going to start out by pretending like this question isn’t a fat joke … but you’re right. I do love to eat. That’s no secret. And I’m not too picky of a eater. I have a very small list of foods I will not eat, and that list includes the following foods:
  • Saur kraut
  • Beef and noodles
  • Most fried foods (How un-American is it that I don’t care too much for fried chicken? Most fried food just has far too much breading for my belly to handle.)
My absolute favorite foods include, but are not limited to:
  • Burgers and fries (MY FAVORITE)
  • Red curry (the spicier the better!)
  • Pretty much all Chinese and Japanese food
  • My Nana’s spaghetti
  • Hawaiian bread
  • Ceasear salad
  • All vegetables. I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head that I don’t like. It's borderline obessive.
  • Same goes for beans. But I feel like it’s gross to admit how much I love beans.
  • Buffalo sauce (it’s a condiment, but whatever).
I love cooking. So. Much. I come from a mother who loves to cook as well and can cook just about better than anyone else on the planet. Her cooking style doesn’t follow recipes, it’s just common sense and instinct – and it’s amazing! I try to be like her. I really enjoy making soups, coming up with meat marinades, and slow-cooking a ravioli casserole that Clayton seems to go nanners over (probably because one of the main ingredients is wine). I’m less experienced with baking because my mom didn’t really bake, but I’ve fallen in love with it in recent years and feel like I am constantly in the kitchen baking cookies.

How much DO you know about nuclear physics?

Pretty close to nothing. Take how much I know about math and multiply that by 0 ... and that's how much I know about nuclear physics.


I’m so appreciative of all of you who submitted questions to me! I’m actually surprised by how many I received. I was worried I wouldn’t get any and end up feeling like the last kid picked for dodgeball in gym class– so THANK YOU!

I didn’t feel right trying to judge whose question was the best, so I’m just going to be Mrs. Plays Fair and give a prize to the person who submitted a question to me first. So, Maria A., please shoot me an email with your favorite fast food restaurant and I will get you a $5 gift card!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first ever "Things I Love Thursdays"!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your posts! One of the funniest I've ever read:)

  2. Why thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere with me. ;)

  3. You and your husband make me lol! I love you guys:)


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