I’ve been really bad about posting.  No one likes excuses, so I won’t give you any other than I tried to blog.  I gave it the good ol’ college try, but came up short (Clay hates that expression – “the ol’ college try”. So of course I go out of my way to insert it into daily conversation as much as possible along with the terms “nest egg” and “stiff drink”.)  I started two posts, but ended up deleting them because I figured no one cared about how much I like Gordon Ramsey and how much I hate Victoria’s Secret models for managing to make me hate my body and want to buy underwear in the exact same 30 second commercial.  Watching a Victoria’s Secret commercial is like going through the 7 stages of grief, only in this case the steps are: jealousy, insecurity, despair, more insecurity, mild hatred, hope, and then reaching for your credit card.

But I did want to share that I had a major success at the mall on Sunday afternoon and am convinced that if Charlie Sheen were with me at the time, he’d definitely agree that I was “winning”.  Clay and I tend to gravitate towards the mall right after church because it’s literally half a mile away and there’s something incredibly holy about playing with pet store puppies on the Sabbath.  Right across from the pet store is Old Navy and they managed to dazzle me with their brightly colored SALE signs.  I bee-lined for the clearance rack because I’m incredibly cheap like that and about passed out from wondrous joy when I saw that a dress I’d been eyeballing online for months was not only on the sales rack, but it was in MY SIZE (size: Awesome).  And to make this magical experience even more magical was the fact that the dress was only $12.00 when it was still so clearly marked online as $30.00 (I know because I checked the second I got home to indeed confirm I won at life). 

I didn’t need the dress, but for $12.00 I could not pass it up.  I thought it was my reward for being so patient and not buying the dress full-priced on a whim (as I am so prone to do).

It’s feminine and delicate without being too precious or fussy … and it doesn’t let my lady bits hang out as most general articles of clothing aimed at my age group are apt to.  I don’t know who decided having 3 miles of crack and cleavage on display was sexy, but that is not a fashion bandwagon I want to jump on any time soon.  Whoever said less is more clearly has never seen the backs of my thighs, thank you.

In other news, in an attempt to share a genuine part of my life with you and not purposely try to be mushy and pathetic, I fell a little bit more in love with my husband this weekend which, after almost 8 years together, I didn’t think was even possible.  And the thing is, it wasn’t one little gesture or event that pushed my feelings for him even further over the moon. It was just a simple, everyday moment where while we were talking I looked into his eyes (barf, I know), and was suddenly overwhelmed by love for him.  Overwhelmed to the point that I forgot what he was saying. That sensation was so strong that it carried over into the night while I was trying to fall asleep, and I was so overcome with emotion that the only possible thing I could do in that moment (without coming off looking incredibly awkward or scaring the crap out of him) was to roll over and wrap my body around Clayton’s back like a koala bear, burying my face in the back of his neck.



  1. I love this post! Yay for a beautiful dress! And I had one of those moments with Kyle just the other day! What a blessing to still be falling deeper in love with our husbands!


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