Tails to Trails

Today was obnoxious. I couldn't find a parking spot in any of the C permit lots downtown and ended up having to park in a 2-hour lane on the street in front of my office building.  Of course I completely forgot about my car being out there because I was, uh, working and didn't remember I needed to move my car until I was on my way to lunch and staring directly at a green parking citation sitting under my windshield.

And it was hot today.  When I last looked at the temperature gauge in my car it said it was 77 degrees out, but that didn't stop my from wearing jeans and a sweatshirt because our office is normally ridiculously cold.  And guess what? It was ridiculously hot in the office today. Of course.

And I hate sweating.

After work I walked straight to the city parking operations office to passionately appeal my ticket because the fact that I had to pay a parking ticket when I've already paid to have a parking permit so I wouldn't have to worry about tickets was making me so irrate I had to go take care of it immediately.  After I filled out the appeal form, which was annoyingly purple and cheerful considering most of the people who are filling it out are ticked, the woman behind the counter took my info and said, "Be sure to not let this happen again!" If I was a lesser person, I would have punched her in the neck or said something really snarky in response, but I just plastered a smile on my face and replied, "Ha ha! Oh, you betcha I won't! Teehee!" as I walked out, fuming.

I wanted to blow off some steam after work (as well as take some time to do something I really enjoy), so I decided to take Joey on a walk on the trail.  It was still insanely muggy out, but the clouds were threatening rain and getting caught in spring shower sounded quite refreshing.

It didn't rain, but we still enjoyed ourselves.  We only walked two miles because Joey kind started walking like he was drunk and panting more than usual, but it was good for both of us.