Easter weekend

If I could describe this past weekend in one word, it would be: wet.

I'm pretty sure it hasn't stopped raining in like, a thousand years. Typically, I love rain and am one of those freaks who actually enjoys gloomy days, but a constant, torrential downpour can irritate even the most avid of rain lovers. Since I'm no longer excsluively working from home, I can't look out the window in the morning and say, "Oh? Is it sprinkling? Back under the covers I go!" I have to actually get up and go out in it. And 9 out of 10 times, I'm stupid enough to wear rubber flip flops and forget my cheap $3 umbrella.

Saturday afternoon I joined my in-laws of every make and model to celebrate Clay's grandparents' 60th wedding annivesary. 60 years. Can you believe that? 60 years, 5 kids, and countless numbers of grandchildren (and one great-grand baby!) later, Mamaw and Papaw are still honoring their committment to each other and to God. [And I'm honestly not sure I spelled Mamaw and Papaw right. I'd never even heard of that term for grandparents until I met Clay. My grandparents were well, Grandma and Grandpa. (But there was also my Nana, my eccentric, full-blooded Italian grandmother. No regualr term of endearment would do for her.) But they are the sweetest, cutest grandparents ever. I seriously have a massive Grandpa crush on Papaw.  He's always so warm and welcoming and I swear, his hugs make you feel like a million bucks.]

When I first met Clayton I was amazed at not only how big his family was, but how in tact it was. Granted, his family tree is more like a family national forest, but 99% of those family units have never been divorced. I come from a family where, now that I think about it, every single person has been divorced at least once. I never noticed how incredibly sad that was until I met Clayton's family. I think that's one of the reasons why I love spending time with all of them--I think seeing families with both mothers and fathers is fascinating. I know how weird that sounds, but hey, I'm not used to it. My parents divorced when my sister and I were fairly young, so any memories I have of family dinners with my dad sitting at the head of the table are incredibly vague. "Every other weekend" and "a few hours on Wednesday nights" was my normal until it eventually became "I don't talk to my dad much."

Luckily, I was raised by an incredible woman who taught me the importance of choosing a life partner wisely and committing to work through problems rather than just throwing in the towel when the going gets tough.  While she couldn't lead by example (due to circumstances out of her control), I learned so much about being a good wife from her. When I met and fell in love with Clayton, it was never under the pretense of, "Let's be together until one or both of us decides we don't want to do it anymore", but rather, "We're choosing to be make it work no matter what because any bad thing that happens is trumped by billions of good things." And I'm so incredibly thankful for that. Being married is not easy, it can be extremely frustrating, but it is worth it.

Though I'm totally not looking forward to the ill effects of gravity and time on my body, I am excited to dance (or waddle around) with Clayton at our 60th wedding anniversary, celebrating the life we've shared and lives we've created together.

That sounds so mushy it made my stomach start hurting.

But the party was nice. I got to try two different kinds of cake (Mmmm ... frosting!) and looked at old photos of Clay's grandparents, including the original newspaper clipping of their wedding announcement from 1951.

I also got in some good shopping this weekend. Since I have a shopping problem and don't ever bother reading the fine print on anything, I recently learned that I've aquired a buttload of rewards points on my credit card and finally decided to cash them in. I used some of them to lock down a $25 gift card to Bath and Body Works, among other various retails outlets, and skipped over to the mall to stock up on the only thing I ever buy from that store--soap pumps! They were running a special of 6 soaps for $20, and I am happy to report that I now have a nice collection stored away in my bathroom cupboard. It's so weird, but I feel a sense of relief having extra soap in the house. If there is ever a soap shortage in the world, I can sleep easy knowing that Clayton and I will always have something with which to wash our hands! (One of the soaps I purchased is a new scent called "Blushing Mimosa" and yes, it smells exactly like orange juice and champagne! Why else do you think I bought it?)
I was also uncomfortable for most of the weekend because I finally gave in and went to the tanning bed. I've been shying away from it as much as possible because I am terrified of skin cancer and aging prematurely (I cry about the same wrinkle on my forehead almost every morning ... but only when I'm done sobbing over the giant gray hair that is growing more and resistent to tweezing). However, Clay and I have an upcoming photo session with my friend, Kristy (of Ana Rose Photography), who is working hard to expand her portfolio (and I'm so excited to volunteer my modeling skills, like I have any, to a friend who is following her dreams!), and I didn't want her pictures to look gross on account of my Casper skin. Plus, the mini marathon is only two weeks away and I'm convinced that having tan legs with make me run faster (and sexier). I only went twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday, but that was enough to fry my stomach and pelvic reigion to the point that wearing pants hurt (and I can't get away with not wearing pants as often as I would like). I laid in bed in agony Saturday night, clutching the TV remote to my stomach because the plastic felt cool against my skin.  Clay walked in on me and found it slightly odd that I had the remote control down my pants, but hey, duty calls.


  1. I asked Teresa on Saturday if I received an information packet about their family when I marry Mitchell. Please tell me you have one!

  2. Haha! Unfortunately, I don't have one! Clayton just sits me in the corner and quizzes me at every family gathering. At the party on Saturday, he'd literally point around the room and ask me, "Okay, who's that?"

    I've been around the family for going on 8 years now, and I still can't keep it straight! Don't worry! :)

  3. Sounds like our backgrounds are quite similar! Thanking God for our mothers who are absolutely incredible and did a darn good job raising us!

  4. Thank you for the shout-out! I'm excited about Saturday! :)


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