Beagles Behaving Badly

I came home from work today and discovered I have a very naughty dog who got into the garbage ...

(and why is it ALWAYS the garbage with coffee grounds in it?)

Joey does the cutest thing when he's in trouble.  Anytime anyone is scolding him, he puts his ears down and tail between his legs like a normal dog, but he also has a "stress" smile.  It's the same smile he makes right before he throws up.  He stretches his lips back into what looks like a smile and the guiltiest expression I've ever seen:

It's hard to stay upset at someone who's so adorable ... even if his breath does smells like old coffee and banana peels.

When I got home from work I also found an email from someone at a local company letting me know they really enjoyed interviewing me and were really impressed by my experience and skills.  They thought I was very personable and considered me an excellent candidate for consideration.  They regretted to inform me, however, that despite leaving a good impression on them, they have chosen to move forward with another candidate who had just slightly more experience with their line of work.  But again, they were really excited to meet me and know I will go far in my future endeavors.

That was verbatim.

So, being the polite, gracious individual that I am, I emailed a response right away:


I didn't interview for this job, nor did I even apply. But thank you for your kind email letting me know how awesome you think I am and how great you imagine meeting me would be.  I'm sure the dozens of other candidates receiving the same automated, impersonal response will agree.


Courtney P.
Yeah, that was kind of snarky, but I've gone through the application/interview process more times than I care to mention (and I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am that I have a job that I love and don't have to mess with that roller coaster ride anymore!). Getting an email for a job I didn't even interview for and seeing that it was BCC'd to several other people (who were probably putting a lot of hope and prayers into getting a job offer) without a personal greeting mentioning their name really rubbed me the wrong way.  It makes sense to get a similar email if you simply applied for a job, but weren't extended an interview.  I'm sure there are dozen of people who applied for it and it would take a lot of time to send out so many individual emails.  But an email like this after an interview, after you've met the candidate face-to-face? Rude.

This is off topic, but has anyone ever made a "healthier" batch of chocolate chip cookies using applesauce? I keep seeing it mentioned in recipes, but I don't want to try it until I know it won't taste like sadness. I'm not sure I could convince Clayton to eat a cookie with fruit in it ...


  1. Your email is freaking hilarious. Let us know if you get a response! LMAO

  2. Again... totally NOT stalking you... :)

    I use applesauce in tons of baking recipes, mostly cakes an breads... though more recently brownies. I haven't done it with cookies, though I'm sure it would be amazing. I would try it myself but I fear that as soon as I would get to the stage where the dough had been made I would just stick my face in it. Anything that tastes good is soooo not on my diet.


  3. Meg, I can't even get my cookies into the oven because I love the dough THAT much! There's never anything left to actually bake!

    I love applesauce, so I can't imagine it would be bad! I think I'll try it this weekend!


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