Today was not only Thursday, April 21st, 2011, but it was also THE FIRST DAY OF SOFTBALL SEASON!!!! Okay, technically it's the fourth day of the season, but I don't play on Monday or Wednesdays and my other league's game got cancelled on Tuesday because the weather decided to be grouchy.  Regardless, I still have the softball high, despite losing both of our double-header games, because I find fewer things in life more satisfying than the feeling of your bat connecting with the ball.  Granted, I didn't hit well and fouled out twice, but hey, I'm cutting myself some slack because I haven't picked up a bat since last November.  I hope to get back into the swing of things (pun somewhat intended) soon and not psyche myself out and hit horribly for the rest of the season.

The first season I played softball in this league, I was batting them out of the park.  It felt almost effortless to make the ball sail out into the depths of the outfield, and I felt confident in my abilities.  Then, one evening after a game, one of my teammates commented to me, "Courtney, I'm so jealous of your batting. You're really consistent."

"You just jinxed me," I said.

And I was right.  Only, she didn't jinx me at all.  I let what she said jinx me and guess what? I had the hardest time getting a good hit for the rest of the season.  I got so tripped up in my head to perform that I totally stressed myself out and blew it. We joked about it for awhile and every time I went up to bat she'd say something like, "Just be consistent," and I would give her a dirty look.

I basically had to relearn how to bat and teach myself to relax, wait for the ball, and keep my eye on it.  It's amazing how much farther the ball goes when you're form is right.  It really is effortless to make it fly if you have the correct stance and a good swing.

I got better last season and was pretty content with my hitting overall, but in order to keep from sentencing myself from another season with a bad batting average this year, I'm just going to tell myself that I need some time to get adjusted to playing again and just freakin' chillax. I love softball too much to obsess over it. I've been playing this game since I was 6 years old. I know what I'm doing.

Sorry, that more of a pep talk for me than an actual blog post.

But I love my softball girls and it's great to see everyone coming back season after season. :)

In other news, two of my best friends moved out of state about two years ago and it took a long time to get used to them being gone.  We went to high school together, hung out in college, and they were both in Clay's and my wedding.  They even lived in the apartment literally across the street from ours and we would walk (or, let's be honest, STUMBLE) in between each other's apartments most weekends.

*sigh* Life is change. I'm excited for the future, happy with the present, but sometimes I do miss the past.

Tonight they posted pictures of the gang out for a night on the town over 3 years ago.  I got a facebook notification in my inbox saying, "Matt L***** tagged you in an album!". "Oh, here we go," I thought, preparing myself for a parade of unflattering pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I mean, I don't look amazing in any of the pictures (seriously, I know I'm not the only one who gets tweeked out if there's a less than cute picture of my on the Internet.  Um, can we say UNTAGGED?), but I love them because it reminded me of a great night that I had since forgotten about.  It led me to one of my own old photo albums with pictures from the same night and I smiled to myself, remembering how awesome college was and what good friends I have.

Remember what I said about unflattering pictures? ...