Wacky Wednesday

A big event happened to me today.

I asked a girl out on a date.

I don't know how men can do it! I was a sweaty, shaking mess (but that might have been because I had just finished running).  But I mustered up all my courage, walked over to her, introduced myself and said ...

"Do you, uh, maybe want to go running together sometime?"

I have a running date.

While I was rounding off mile 4 of 5 today on the trail, I was suddenly passed by a woman that I didn't even hear coming.  She was quick on her feet and left me in the dust in only a matter of seconds.  At first I was completely indignant to the her whole "LOOK HOW FAST I AM!" form, but as I she disappeared on the horizon I thought to myself, "Man, I want to run like that."

After I huffed and puffed past the trail's finishing line, I saw Ms. Speedy Gonzalez stretching by a bench.  I had every intention of walking past her and going straight to my car, but my runner's high must have given me more bravery than I thought.  I approached and her said through gasps of breath, "Excuse me, but do you happen to be a marathon runner?"

And it kind of took off from there.  Her name is Amy and she's a busy mom who just got back into running after over a year off while she was creating a litter of babies.  She's ran a few minis and is currently training for a full marathon in the next year or so.  I awkwardly told her I admired her speed and she enthusiastically asked me if I had a running partner.  I've never ran with a partner before.  I actually prefer running alone because I can listen to my music as loud as I want and not worry about having proper social skills in addition to getting a good workout in.  But, I was in love her effortless speed and know the only way I'm going to get better as a runner is if I push myself and train with people who are faster than me.

Turns out we have similar schedules, so we exchanged email addresses and phone number to set something up.  Now, I'm not really good at asking people out. Should I wait the customary 2 days? Don't want to seem too desperate.  I wanna play it cool ...

In other news, one of the most embarrassing things EVER happened to me today in the library parking lot.  The library was fairly busy and there were lots of cars in the parking lot (which always gives me anxiety because I have a chronic fear of not finding a parking space), but I finally found an open spot nestled between two large SUVs.  It was a tight squeeze to get out of my car and it took some delicate maneuvering on my part to get out of my half-open car door to avoid hitting the neighboring vehicles.  I slid my body out first, and then tried to navigate the large stack of books I had to return next.  Several of these books were FoxTrot comic books because I'm awesome like that, and their large, floppy covers were bent at a weird angle that had me fighting to pull them through the thin space between me and my car.  As I gave the books a firm yank to make them fit out the door, one of the large comic books broke free and ...

... smacked me in the face.

It was so loud and I was so mortified that a comic book just bested me, I started looking around frantically to see if anyone saw it (my goodness, half of the city probably heard it because the smacking sound was that loud).  And of course, the SUV parked next to me was full of people who had been watching me the whole time as I grunted and strained my way out of my car, laughing.

I slammed my car door and darted inside wondering how many shades of red my face was and cursing that stupid SUV for not having enough common courtesy to back their car out so I could um, I dunno, get out of my own car and not get beat up by a children's book.

Other than that, today was a pretty good day.  I finally went out and bought a new hair dryer which for some reason is incredibly exciting to me.  I've had the same hair dryer since I was 18 (and if you're good at math you know that's a loooooong time), but I've always been too cheap to replace it.  Well, in the last few months the dryer started making a zzzt! zzzt! sound and, if you listen to really closely, it actually sounds like, "YOU ARE GOING TO GET ELECTROCUTED.  BUT MY GOODNESS, YOU WILL HAVE VOLUMINOUS HAIR."

So I bought a new one.  It's silver and purple and looks like it was taken off a space ship.

I also got a nicer than normal body wash.  I normally swing for the Suave brand because it's like $.99 a bottle and you can't put a price on thriftiness (that's an oxymoron).  However, after watching a few commercials, Dove convinced me that if I use their new soap, I'll have prettier skin in just 7 days.  So be on the lookout because I'm expected to be exceptionally more beautiful by next week.