Tornado drills

I've had a pounding headaches for two nights in a row.

It started out as an small throb on the left side of my forehead last night, an intermittent exclamation of "Hey! Isn't this annoying?" pulsating against my temple.  I ignored it at first, but 5 hours later it was still there ... going strong.  I took some ibeprofen and settled down on the couch to watch my DVR'd episodes of Glee and Teen Mom 2, but it was really hard to concentrate because now my headache was screaming at me and this time it was saying, "Well, I'll be darned.  This IS annoying!!!"

I actually blame my headache on going to see Hall Pass last night because it was horrible.  I knew it was going to be a horrible movie, but I went anyway.  I hate being right.

Surprisingly, I fell asleep pretty easily and woke up feeling much better this morning.  However, right around 4:30 today, as I was galloping around the mall, my headache came knockin' again all like, "Hey? What's up? Miss me???"

So I'm having a pity party and feeling horrible.  I worked at the office today, took a break to run over to the mall to return some things, and then came home and parked myself in front of the computer to work on freelance stuff.  I took a quick break to make Clayton french toast for dinner because I couldn't think of anything else to make. It's 11:19 p.m., and I just finished working.

That probably explains the headache.

We had a tornado drill at the office today because this week is Severe Weather Safety Week or something because the weather's starting to get warmer and come on, this is the Midwest. Our office took it semi-seriously and when the tornado siren went off downtown (and even though I knew it was just a practice drill, I immediately started freaking out because for real, could a tornado siren sound any more like the world is ending? I equate tornado sirens with the horn on the spaceships in War of the Worlds.  I bought that movie solely because the noise is so scary I can't sleep at night.  I'm some sort of sick masochist, I guess.  But I dare you to watch the video below and NOT pee your pants repeatedly.), we headed to the creepy basement that I previously mentioned kinda gives off the vibe that someone was murdered.  So, we stood around for a few minutes drinking coffee, and I couldn't help but think about all the tornado drills we had in elementary school.  Remember when they used to make us line up down the hallways and squat down on our knees facing the lockers with a book over our heads?

Yes, because my 7th grade biology building will protect me from thousands of pounds of wood and concrete.

And was I the only one who had a chronic fear that my butt crack was hanging out and all the teachers walking up and down the hallway were laughing at me and judging my underwear?

Who am I kidding, I worry about that every day ...

This is a short entry and I don't care because I'm beat to heck.  My back is spasming from being hunched over this laptop and my brain tumor won't be quiet.  I'm going to go watch a bit of TV and enjoy a Reese's Easter Egg because nothing says "Christ rose from the dead" like peanut butter and chocolate.

Side Note: Now I'm seriously wishing I didn't post that video, let alone go searching for it and listening to multiple versions of it.  Clayton is gone at the gym while I'm sitting here alone blasting alien trumpets and turning around in my chair to look out the window because I just know that there's an alien tripod out there waiting for me to think its "just a tornado" ...