Tickle my pickle

I took a few minutes for myself tonight to paint my nails an adorable shade of lilac and thumb through the newest issues of Glamour that arrived for me in the mail today.  I knew I wanted to update my blog, so maybe a manicure wasn't the smarest idea - it's hard to delicately navigate the keyboard with semi-wet nails.

This weekend was relatively uneventful.  Friday night was for lazing around and watching movies since Clayton had to get up at 6 the next morning to drive up to Indy to work for 9 hours.  I had a sick beagle on my hands while I was alone for most of Saturday, but he's doing much better now.  I entertained myself by cleaning, reading, working out, and making one of the yummiest batches of cookies I've ever made (if I do say so myself!). Saturday night I passed out in bed after watching my usual marathon of MSNB's Lock-Up Raw (while I'm addicted to a prison documentary, I'll never know. But I sure can tell you a lot about America's penal system. I'd dominate that category in Jeopardy.).

Sunday morning we were bad and skipped church since Clay was so beat from his long work day, so we slept in.  After breakfast we were picked up by our best friends (who are expecting their first baby in July) and headed over to the convention center for a baby fair.  I felt like I had no business being at a baby fair since I'm not even considering the idea of motherhood right now, but I went along for moral support and enjoyed watching my friend excitedly visit the various booths. I was offered a gift bag, but politely declined, explaining that I wasn't with child and had no uncreepy business taking home a free DVD of Breastfeeding With Bravado.

However, I did snag a free stress ball in the shape of a pickle and proceeded to annoy Clayton for the duration of our stay at the baby fair by asking if he was interested in squeezing my pickle.  He got horribly embarrassed, and I'm still not sure why.

Afterwards we hit a new frozen yogurt shop called The Red Mango and thoroughly enjoyed stuffing ourselves with fat-free, gluten-free, bad-stuff-free yogurt piled with fresh fruit toppings.

The rest of our evening was spent trying to wrangle a truck in order to deliver our old couch to an interested buyer as well as pick up our new couch from the store.  It took about 5 hours and only Clayton and myself to haul both couches up and down stairs (I'm a pretty tough chick), but it was a labor of love:

 ^^I love how Joey manages to be in every picture I take in my apartment, the little photo-bomber.  I have no idea where he gets that from ...

No idea.


  1. Love the new couch! Looks good in the place! Can I ask WHY a baby fair would sell pickle-shaped stress balls? Or wait nevermind ... cravings right?


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