Shrimp Po'Boy

I wanna know who the joker is that thought it would be cute to leave the TVs at the gym turned on to the Food Network and then hide the remotes.  I had to suffer through my workout with nothing to entertain me but a show about the best shrimp po'boy sandwiches in the country.  The idea of a shrimp sandwich is all sorts of a turn-off for me, but after watching someone eat one for 50 minutes, it started to look amazing.  They used some sort of red sauce for dressing which could been sweet and sour, French dressing, or heck, even blood ... I'm not sure, but it looked fabulous.  Like I said, seafood sandwiches sounds more like diarrhea than an actual meal, but there's something about the way the shrimp poppers were so perfectly arranged with the lettuce, tomatoes, and mystery sauce that made me almost willing to take that risk.

So now I'm at home searching online for a recipe.