New and sassy

I'm going to spit out this post fast so I can get to work on some freelance stuff while I simultaneously clean the bathroom, do a few loads of laundry, and begin putting something together for dinner.  I've been awake since 8:00 this morning (and I know that's ridiculous to say in front of everyone who works full-time office jobs, but you have to understand how incredibly screwed up my sleep schedule is. I've become too nocturnal for my own good and can't fall asleep before 3:00 a.m., which makes for a hard time getting up before 10:00 a.m. most mornings.  And I am a woman enough to admit how wildly lazy that makes me sound.).

But I had. a. day.  Lemme tell you.

I accepted a part-time position with yet another publishing company, but this one actually won't publish your book unless you can prove that you can put together coherent sentences with words that are not only spelled correctly, but actually exist in the English language.

I know we all had a heart-to-heart a few weeks back when I was flat-out rejected for a job I spent over 4 hours interviewing for, thus vowing to not accept a job unless it was something I really, truly wanted and would make me happy.

Well, books make me happy. Literature makes me happy.  Publishing makes me happy.  So I took it.

Darn skippy.

The job perfectly supplements the freelance work I've been doing now that the work flow has slowed down a bit in the last several weeks.  Plus, it's only part-time which means I still get to play Suzy Homemaker and bake my husband snicker doodle cookies while keeping his house fresh and clean (By the way, has anyone else ever thought "snicker doodle" was an odd name for a cookie? There's nothing remotely close to Snickers in them.  Unless they mean "snicker" as in "hahaha" which, in that case, is just ... stupid.).

Today was my first day on the job.  And it was awesome. I have no idea what's going on.  But it's awesome. And my first-day-of-work-back-in-an-office-where-I'm-required-to-maintain-some-sort-of-appropriate-level-of-personal-hygiene outfit was adorable.  Pink cardigan with floral tank and dark-wash skinny jeans? YES, PLEASE!

But I think I might of had a bit too much energy because I had enough time to run this morning before work and my adrenaline/magic endorphins (I always want to say endolphins because that sounds ten times more awesome) had me feeling spastic and jittery.

My new supervisors took me out to lunch (while I was ON THE CLOCK! Weee!) and we chatted and laughed like we were BFFs at a sleepover, braiding each others' hair and picking out our favorite Jonas Brother.

Annnnd, after work I got my hair did and it didn't end up making me cry afterward! My stylist gave me some pretty blonde highlights for spring and a nice, side-swept bang that is long enough to tuck behind my ear because honest-to-goodness, if I go on one more run and have a stupid little hair bouncing in my face ONE MORE TIME I am going to rip said hair out by its follicle and toss it into the little creek that so conveniently runs alongside the trail. I kept fighting this urge to try something "new and sassy" because it usually results in me feeling "lame and crappy", so I bit my tongue and insisted she simply trim it and not butcher it.

Well kiddos, I need to get to work on my freelance stuff and I want to do it before I end up passing out after my "I HAD SUCH A GREAT DAY" sugar rush comes to its inevitable crash.