Shamless Self-Promotion

Readers, do me a solid and please visit this link and cast a vote for my hunky fur-ball in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet sweepstakes. Since Joey is more fascinating than Justin Beiber's bangs in a windstorm, I thought I could possibly exploit his rugged good looks and win myself a Bissell steam cleaner. Joey kinda owes this to us since most of the reason why we need a steam cleaner in the first place is because of the random things that come out of his mouth and butt.

The grand prize winner also gets a professional photo shoot for their pet so he/she can be featured on Bissell products. Joey is a natural born model. Check out the wind action and his sexy over-the-shoulder look:

Joey is entered in round 7 of voting. I checked the winners of voting rounds 1-6, and they're all cats and 100% of them are missing at least one eye and/or are blind. I think Joey can take a pack of blind cats any day. The won't even see it coming ...

Gosh, I am FUNNY today.

Happy voting!

*UPDATE* You can cast one vote EVERY DAY during Joey's round of voting.  Every time you vote, an angel gets its wings.