My Weekend - in pictures

Reason #1,579 My Husband is Amazing:

Several weeks ago I took a picture of the inside of my closet to use as a "before" picture because I had every intention of rolling up my sleeves and organizing the landfill of clothes, shoes and handbags within. I even jotted "clean closet" along with a few other tasks on a "Honey-Do List" (which is actually a "Courtney-Do-Because-This-is-Getting-Ridiclous" list).

The before:

(Don't judge me. I don't "put clothes away" so much as I roll them up in a ball
and free throw shoot them onto the closet shelves.)

I always have the best intentions.

But on the day I scheduled time to attack my closet, a good episode of Real Housewives of Atanta was on TV, so I got distracted. Then I learned that it was actually a Real Houswives of Atlanta marathon and everything I had planned for that day (bathing, cooking and working included) was tossed out the window.

Needless to say, my Honey-Do list burst into flames, never to be thought of again.

However, on Saturday evening I went over to a friend's house for a jewelry-making party and while I was away, Clayton put on his work gloves and got to work for me. I came home from the party with an I-made-my-own-fashion-accessories high and became even more euphoric when I walked into my bedroom and saw this:

The man even organized my handbags. MY HANDBAGS. It has been decided that it will take 25 back massages, 3 foot rubs, and 4 meatloaf and mashed potato dinners to repay Clay for his good deed. I was blown away.

It almost (almost) makes me want to turn a blind eye to the fact that Clay leaves dryer lint around in the house in wads as big as a chinchilla. I found the below little gem on Friday night while I was making hamburgers (Please excuse the beer in the photo. I bet Clay he couldn't chug a beer straight out of the cooler and then he bet me that I couldn't do it either ... So we both ended up chugging beers and playing catch with a pound of raw hamburger meat for 20 minutes. Who says romance is dead?):


Okay this is completely unrelated, but when I was found the above image of a chinchilla on Google, it automatically saved to my desktop with the title "a-typical-chinchilla". Hmm, this is what a typical chinchilla looks like, eh? Then what does an ATYPICAL chinchilla look like? So of course I searched the internet and this is what came up for "atypical chinchilla":

I laughed so hard my abs started aching (which tells me I should probably do some freakin' sit-ups or something). Clay asked me what was so funny and I showed him, gasping for breath in between my giggles.  "I wanted to see what an atypical chinchilla looked like and AYTPICAL CHINCHILLAS WEAR BIRTHDAY HATS AND HOLD ITTY BITTY PIECES OF CAKE!"

Clay didn't think it was that funny.  And it probably isn't.  BUT THEY'RE HOLDING LITTLE PIECES OF CAKE!

Anyway ...

Speaking of the jewelry part I went to--it was awesome!  We made tons of earrings using a table-full of beads that came in all shapes, colors and sizes. I was a little intimidated by the project at first because I'm not the craftiest lady on the block, but once I figured out how to work the pliers, I was good to go. I made 4 pairs and I can't wait for a reason to actually wear earrings again. We drank wine, played The Michael Jackson Experience (horribly) on the Wii, and just generally had a good time. Hopefully I can do something like that again soon!

In other news, I am slowly feeling my endurance coming back after battling a vicious cold a few weeks ago.  I thought that since my cold symptoms had dissipated, I must be all better.  It took two separate occasions of running and almost passing out to learn that no, I am not completely better. So I've kind of eased up on the gas pedal and have been running less mileage at a slower pace. I ran 5 miles on Wednesday, 3 on Friday, took a complete break from working out on Sunday, and today I was able to run 4 miles closer to my normal pace. And that makes me SO happy because my more aggressive training is scheduled to start in just two weeks. I was so excited to be feeling better that I had the stupidest look on my face while I was on the treadmill today—a goofy grin the occasional arm flailing because I was so happy I wasn't lightheaded.

And on top of that, softball will be starting in the next few week as well!

Sports addiction? Maybe just a little ... :)