Back in the habit

I obviously don't have children, so the closest thing I can equate to it is my relationship with my dog.  No, I didn't give birth to my dog (OMG. CUTEST BABY EVER THOUGH!), but I feed him, love him, and pick up his poop all day so ... close enough.

And today I think I got a snippet of what it's like have your child judged unfairly or be dubbed a "bad seed" for absolutely no reason.

Joey and I took a much needed break late this afternoon and suited up in our winter gear to head out on the trail.  Our walk went off without a hitch - Joey weaved aimlessly from one side of the trail to the other, giving me anxiety that passerby might assume he's drunk and that I am his supplier.  He pooped in the middle of the road a few times (much to my embarrassment), we listened to birds chirping, and just had a generally good time out in freezing nature together.

However, when we were making the home-stretch back our car, I noticed a woman and her two large dogs approaching.  One was a giant poodle and the other way a pit bull. Instinctively, I shortened the slack of Joey's lead and kept him close to my side, knowing full-well that my dog thinks everyone and everything is his BFF and needs to be sniffed from head to toe.  Joey started doing this weird duck-and-run maneuver where he starts galloping real closely to the ground in an attempt to make a sneak attack, and I actually believe the little guy thinks he's invisible.  He slowed his gallop to a crawl and started snaking his way towards the new dogs, almost ripping my arm out of its socket.

The woman froze and yanked her dogs to her sides harshly whispering, to them, "We know how to walk properly, don't we? We know how to stay close to mommy's side."  And all the while, I kid you not, she was giving Joey the stink eye.  She was staring down my dog like he was a juvenile delinquent and the most vile creature on earth because he wanted to say hello to her dogs.  The look she was giving us was so, "Oh no you didn't!" ... the only thing missing was the finger snap and head bob.

I was so offended. SO offended. I just cooed "Good boy, Joey! What a good boy you are!" and walked past Miss Snooty Pants.

As we passed each other I also noticed something else - She was a nun.  She had on a habit and everything.

What kind of a nun owns a pit bull?


  1. How dare ANYONE look down on my nephew! She must have just been jealous he was more attractive than her animals. That's right a jealous nun ...


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