Today's post marks my 100th entry under the Notably Neurotic name.  I was going to celebrate by writing a really enthralling, compelling piece of journalism to mark my 100th venture in literary excellence, but I'm really tired today.

Like really, really tired. 

I almost passed out again while running this morning and have a lingering lightheaded feeling that no amount of sleeping can squelch. It's irritating because my cold symptoms have been gone for a few days.  Looks like I did myself no favors by being a work-out beast and refusing to take a few days off from exercise when I was sick.

Plus, I worked for 12 hours total yesterday on various freelance projects.  It's weird because the longer I work in front of the computer, the harder it is for me to stop.  My eyes start to burn and my back aches from sitting in a chair all day, but something about getting a lot done fuels me to get even more work done.  After I ran out of colorist work, I nervously paced around the house at 11 p.m. like a maniac looking for something else I could accomplish.  So I ended up washing our linen shower curtain, shaking out our kitchen rugs, and filling up the entire sink with soapy water so I could wash 2 forks and 2 plates instead of just putting them in the dishwasher.  Afterward I sat on the couch, jiggling my foot and trying to come up with another project to do or something else to clean.  I was exhausted, and yet I couldn't shake the mentality of "I NEED TO GET MORE STUFF DONE! NOT ENOUGH STUFF HAS BEEN DONE YET!"

Once I get going, it's super hard for me to put the brakes on and start relaxing.

I found myself lying wide-awake in bed at 2 a.m., shaking my arm back and forth because it makes my bones creak and I find the sound soothing. (Gosh, sometimes I wonder why I don't have more friends, but then I just re-read my blog and answer my own question.)

So I think that's part of the reason why I've been camped out on the couch all afternoon, unable to move or change the channel.  I've been watching cooking shows for two hours.

But, it is my 100th post.  I should do something to commemorate this occasion.

So, without further adieu, here is a list of things I would want 100 of:

  • 100 beagle puppies
  • $100
  • 100 bottles of my favorite wine, Black Opal Shiraz
  • 100 hours of non-stop Swedish massage
  • 100 thousand dollar bills
  • 100 heartfelt compliments from the girl who made fun of my nose in 4th grade
  • 100 pairs of Louboutin stiletto heels in 100 different styles and colors lined up neatly in my closet
  • 100 different scented Yankee jar candles
  • 100 bags of orchid seeds and a beautiful home with a giant backyard that I could plant them in