Winner winner, chicken dinner! (that expression is so stupid.)

If my weekend was a party bus, it would have driven non-stop to Las Vegas!

^^That was a horribly stupid way of letting you know that I had an awesome weekend. I guess I could have just said I had an awesome weekend.

Guys, I had an awesome weekend.

Friday night Clayton and I met up with some friends at the bowling alley to throw back a few drinks and attempt to chuck a large ball down a slick floor. Bowling always ends up the same way for me: I get deliriously excited and can’t wait to get started, but by the end of game two I’m totally over it.

The first few frames are like, “Ah! This is excellent! So what if I threw a gutter ball? I’ve got plenty of time to improve my score!”

Then by the end of the first game I’m feeling like, “Okay, so it wasn’t my best game. The second game will be better. I’ll break 100 this time!”

But, by the time I reach the 10th frame of the second game, I’m feeling like, “Screw this. I’m never bowling again.”

Not to mention I threw my pink bowling ball directly into my ankle during the second game and I have a huge bruise to prove it. Seriously, how does one manage to forcefully throw a bowling ball into their ankle? Isn't the whole point to toss the ball away from your body and not directly into it? I must have been sick that day in gym class. It hurt, but not quite as much as my pride.

Saturday afternoon we met up with some of our other friends to watch a movie and gorge on some pizza. We watched Easy A again and I swear, that movie gets funnier every time I watch it.  The only thing I enjoy more than a comedy is a smart comedy.

Sunday we spent the evening up north with my mom after she texted me earlier in the week asking if we wanted to come up for dinner. That was the stupidest question ever. Of COURSE I want you to cook for me, Mom. And I don’t know what it is about mothers, but no matter how old I get or how cool I try to act, the second I walk through my mom’s front door I race to envelop her into a hug and cry, “HI MOMMY!”

She made us marinated pork chops that were no less than two inches thick, her famous mashed potatoes, and green beans. I sunk into her plush couch, contently full and delighted to be watching both the Jets and the Bears lose.

So yes, my weekend was awesome. We didn’t do any major partying or anything insanely wild, but I saw a lot of good friends and spent time with my family. That, to me, makes for a perfect weekend.

But now let’s talk about what you all really came here for -- The winner of the CSN Stores gift card giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered the contest. Based on your answers, it has become very clear to me that the U.S. population either completely hates Jersey Shore or loves Snookie … or is completely indifferent to Jersey Shore, being slightly less indifferent to Snookie.

After a very scientific process involving drawing names out of a hat (we used my Atlanta Braves baseball hat to draw the winner, but Clayton initially said, “Wanna draw names out of a boot or something?” … and I had no response to that.), I am excited to announce that the winner is:

MEGAN L. from Bloomington, Indiana!

Congrats, Megan! If you were standing next to me I would have tossed confetti on your or something. Check your inbox for an email from me containing the gift card code information! :)

Thanks again to all who participated! I was excited to see so many people take an interest (but hey, who doesn’t love free stuff?). It was a lot of fun and I hope to do something like this again in the future. Maybe next time I can give away a free bowling party with yours truly … or a date with Clayton … or free maid service from Clayton … or an autographed picture of my face.