Take a break with Cheetos

TGIF everyone!

Since today is Friday, I've gotten my weekly work done, and half the state is off today with a snow day, I have decided to take to the couch with my fleece puppy blanket, Sex and the City DVDs, and salty snacks.

I didn't want to post absolutely nothing today, so I'm capping off this week with my new favorite commercial.  I was drawn into advertising as a teenager because I simply love commericals. Funny commercials. Up until I started actually liking football a few years ago, I would only watch the commerical breaks of the Super Bowl and not the actual game. I even used to try and enertain Clayton on car trips by coming up with commericals for random products because that's what big, fat nerds like to do fun. 

Last night before bed Clayton and I were watching TV when the following commerical came on.  I've never seen it before, and I found something about it so amusing that I almost peed my pants and made some sort of ungodly snorting nose as I laughed.  This Cheetos commerical is a great commerical because 1.) it's really funny and 2.) you don't have to guess what product their advertising.  It's obvious. It's someone having an enjoyable break with Cheetos.

Happy Friday!


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