Rock hard abs

Last night I started praying to God that I could wake up one morning and look like this:

I’m sure it’ll happen any day now …

For those of you who are not familiar, this is a picture of Kaley Cuoco from 8 Simple Rules and most recently, The Big Bang Theory. Being that I work from home now, I’ve been able to watch the entire 8 Simple Rules series twice already and have ultimately decided I want to be reincarnated with those abs and that hair (and she loves dogs–bonus points!)

And, if that doesn’t work out because God decides He’d rather save a war-torn country or make a sick child’s dreams come true, I’ve settled on waking up with my fall back fantasy figure:

Sorry, after my pig-out at Texas Roadhouse last night, I’m feeling less than slim.

But just an update: I have my third and final interview on Monday for that job I was telling y’all about a few days ago. I’m really excited. At my second interview I got to meet the woman that I would be working under and she was astoundingly (I had to pull out my thesaurus because I feel like I use ‘amazing’ or ‘amazingly’ too much. ‘Astoundingly’ sounds SMART.) warm and kind. The instant I met her, I thought to myself, “I have to work for this woman”. She reminds me of two of my absolute favorite bosses balled up into one, super awesome person that was wearing the most gorgeous purple scarf I’ve ever seen.

She told me that whoever is hired into this position needs to be a friendly, outgoing individual who’s not afraid to talk. Then she stopped, tilted her head to the side and said, “But judging by our conversation so far, it seems like that won’t be a problem.” I think that was a compliment. I think?

I just nodded my head vigorously and said, “Awesome!” like I did for every other thing she said to me up until that point.

Regardless, at the end of the interview, she said she was really excited about our chat and really wanted me to come back for one final round of interviews that required a small assignment to assess my skill set.

So, we will see what happens!

And, on a completely unrelated note, I keep seeing the commercial for this stupid invention called the Gyro Bowl that supposedly makes it impossible for toddlers to spill their snacks. Apparently you can throw the bowl against a wall or roll it down the stairs and it won't spill a drop.  It's brightly colored, rotates 360 degrees, and its makers had audacity to suggest adults could take it to the office without being beaten up for being big, fat dorks. I've now made it my life's mission to not only buy this bowl, but to figure out a way to make it make my Cheerios go flying everywhere ... just so I can write the makers of Gyro Bowl a letter and call shenanigans.