In our almost 8 years together, Clayton and I have hit several relationship milestones:

We shared our first kiss the evening of his junior prom which happened to be our first date (a blind date at that!), and in retrospect it makes me look kinda skanky since I’d only known him for about 12 hours. But when you know, you just know.

We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on June 11th, 2003 when I sheepishly asked him over the phone if we were more than friends. We lived in completely different parts of the state and maintained a long-distance relationship for two years before I moved to his city for college. I still remember the day I moved into the dorms, delighted to be started collage and elated to FINALLY live in the same city as him.

We became engaged on March something or other in 2006 (it's horrible that I can’t remember. But I guarantee you that he doesn’t either. In fact, I just asked him if he knew and he just stared off into space then said, “I gotta go to Wal-Mart” and left). He asked me while we were walking on the beach alongside the Atlantic ocean at sunset. He got down on one knee and I panicked and pulled his hair. I dreamt of that moment since the day we met and I was so excited I PULLED HIS HAIR. Seriously, who does that? So, I started planning a wedding and he probably started having second thoughts.

We got married on December 6th, 2008 in my hometown on a snowy, candle-lit evening. My groom was dashing in his tux and I felt like a princess in my beaded, poofy white dress. I will never forget how I felt the next morning, our first day as husband and wife, being overwhelmed with a joy I’ve never experienced in my entire life. I kept thinking to myself, “Finally, it’s just him and me now. Our life is starting”.

And on January 18th, 2011, Clayton and I shared another relationship milestone I never thought we’d reach …

… Today we argued over the proper way to put toilet paper on the roll.

I came bursting into the bathroom while Clay was showering because it seems I’m most brimming with things to say when he’s indisposed. As I perched myself on the toilet and started to yammer about my cuticles, I noticed that he actually replaced toilet paper with a new roll. I started to compliment him and offer him some praise for taking the initiative to put a new roll on the thingy, but he cut me short --“Yeah, I put a new roll on because you don’t know how to do it right. The toilet paper square should be on the OVER side.”

And so now I eagerly await the next milestone we will share as husband and wife: The day I file for divorce citing “irreconcilable toilet tissue issues”.

Ha, that rhymed. The court judge will be tickled.


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  1. Acutally he is wrong. The toliet paper square goes on the UNDER side.

  2. RIGHT? RIGHT? It goes on the UNDER side. I have no idea where he gets his crazy beliefs from. We seriously argued about it for 5 minutes.

  3. well courtney, you know i love our internet friendship, but i agree with clayton. it's the over side. :)
    also, i love reading your posts!

  4. This was so entertaining, and sweet. But yeah, I'm with Clayton on this one too. It's OVER, not UNDER.


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