Hair in my coffee

I have to buy a special coffee now because regular coffee has been irritating my stomach.  I cannot even express to you how much this makes me feel like a fragile, old woman with a delicate digestive track.  Normally, I would just toss a Wal-Mart Great Value blend into my shopping cart without a second thought, but thanks to my girly intestines, I now have to opt for a more expensive, more gentle roast.  So after I quit my job and decided that keeping coffee in the house would be just the thing to keep me from killing myself, I've invested a few more cents into my coffee and must admit, Folger's Mild Blend is a godsend.

And I think it's funny that Folger's coffee is a splurge for me.  I've been buying nothing but designer handbags for the past five years, but I think a $3.00 can of coffee is a luxury.  I don't understand how some people can go to Starbucks every day ... Yes, their coffee is delicious and you can get as much foam, fat-free milk, extra whipped cream, type 2 diabetes, espresso shots, and flavor syrup as you want, but I just can't justify regularly spending that much money on a beverage that doesn't have tequila in it.

But now that I'm thinking about it, a grande Carmel Apple Spice sounds divine right now.

No, I must resist. My special tummy coffee simmering in the pot, waiting for me.

In an abrupt change of subject, I got another bad hair cut.  I swear, I JUST got to the point where my previous bad haircut was grown out enough that the jagged layers could be cut off (never, ever go to the Great Clips ... unless you don't mind being hideous for the next six months. I was broke and went there for a quick trim because I couldn't afford my regular stylist. NEVER. AGAIN.).  So I've been very comfortable with the length of my hair - it was just long enough to put it all on top of my head like I'm so accustomed to, grazing past my collarbone in a very flattering length for my hair type.  It was perfect.  My only ongoing beef with my locks was it's color - I was trying to grow out my old highlights, but six inches of super dark roots and light, sun bleached tips was quickly waning on me.  I decided to call my favorite stylist who has been a miracle worker in the past and have her touch everything up.

Before I quit my job I would talk at length about hair with a girl (named Courtney too!) who had very fine hair as well.  She had an adorable haircut that she said was "stacked" in the back.  She emailed me a picture of Jenny McCarthy's hair and told me that this was the picture she took in for reference whenever she got her hair done. 

So I took the same picture to my hairdresser and said, "I love this.  Can you cut my hair like this, but make it long enough to rest in my collar bone and be all pulled back so I can run?"  She said, "Yes! Of course!" But it somehow didn't translate right and I think I must have actually said, "Make me look stupid" because the haircut I ended up with is NOTHING like the picture I gave her.

The cut is WAY above my collar bone.  There are ends that are so short they cannot be contained with a headband or a hair band, and that makes running the most annoying task ever.  The back is mutilated with a thousand layers that makes me look like I once had a dream of being Kate Gosselin ... in short, it is AWFUL.

But my lowlights turned out excellent.

So now I'm stressing over whether I should just let this monstrosity grow out, or if I should whack it off and start fresh.  There are so many layers that I will have to let it grow out an inch, cut a layer off, grow out another inch, cut THAT layer off ... and so on for about a year.

I just don't get it.  This girl has done beautiful work every other time I've gone to her.  She's repaired other disastrous haircuts I've gotten.  I don't know what happened. 

Ugh. Something like this always happens to me.  And I am so sensitive about my hair anyway, this just could not come at a worse time.  It's almost the holidays which means family gatherings and parties ... looks like I will be wearing a hat all season long.


  1. Okay, so this is totally weird. You and I just went in for the same haircut and even low lights. I'm sorry you didn't like how yours turned out! I hate it when that happens!!

  2. Really!? It's SUCH a cute cut ... but I didn't want it quite that short ... so I'm pretty sure that keeping the length long is what makes it look like there are tons more layers. I actually called my stylist earier this week and was like, "PLEASE HELP ME!" and she had me come in and she showed me how to style it. She even "softened" the layers a little bit to make it look less severe. I'm quite happy with it now, thought I do wish it were a TAD bit longer. I wanna see a pic of yours!

  3. I know I really should put a picture online I'm just getting really bad at taking pictures recently. My insanely stressful job (that seems very similar to the one you just quit) makes my life almost miserable. But, that's all going to change soon!

    Eventually I will get a picture up there!

    P.S. I adore your blogs!

  4. Oh yeah? Where are you working right now? And when you say it's all going to change soon, does that mean you're leaving? As you can see from my blog, I'm a big fan of the saying, "When the going gets tough ... quit." haha No, that's a terrible attitude to have. But if something is making you miserable and affecing your life outside of your job, then you definitely need to do yourself a favor and get out of there!

  5. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag quite yet on cyberspace. But soon enough I will announce it on facebook. If you are dying to know ask Ashley, she'll know what I'm talking about.


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