All I want for Christmas ...

While making my Christmas list on this week (because materialism is my favorite holiday tradition), I stumbled upon the absolute greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

At the very top of my seasonal wish list, second only to the hottest pair of American Eagle jeans in the entire world and a white watch that will make me look like a fashion goddess, is this:
Family Guy Trivial Pursuit.  I am AWFUL at Trivial Pursuit, but that's because regular ol' TP totally IS. NOT. FUN. 

What three European countries begin with the letter A?  Oh my gosh, I. Don't. CARE.

But  Who is Meg Griffin's idol?  Luke Perry! Give me another colored wedge for my circle thingy!!!!

The only version of TP that I've been half-way decent at was Trivial Pursuit Disney Edition and that was partly because I was breastfed by Disney movies, and mostly because it was for ages 6 and up.  It was literally just a picture on the card and the question, "Who is this?"  My goodness, I couldn't shout "Zazu!" fast enough.  I was kicking a$$ and taking names.  When Clayton and I successfully named all of Donald Duck's nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie), it was one for the record books.

And I'm confident that TP Family Guy Edition will be no different.  If this game were an Olympic sport, I would win the silver, at least.  I own Family Guy action figures, for pete's sake.

See? I knew watching the show every night before bed would pay off for me one day ... pay off for me BIG TIME.

If I get the game for Christmas, I plan on turning it into a drinking game.  Everytime I get a question right, everyone has to take a shot.  Prepare for alcohol posioning, my friends.

Eye humping the page for this game got me thinking about all of the other versions of Trivial Pursuit I'd completely dominate, if and when they're created.
Trivial Pursuit Versions I Would PWN You In
  • Trivial Pursuit Bret Michaels' Rock of Love Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Sue Sylvester Quotes Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit That's What She Said and Other Annoying Sayings Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Name That 80s Song Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Champagne Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Backstreet Boys Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit GIANT SQUID Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Fashion-Trends-I-Can't-Participate-In-Because-Of-My-Cankles Edition
Trivial Pursuit Versions I Would Probably Suck At
  • Trivial Pursuit Quadratic Equations Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Glittery Vampires Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Folding Laundry Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Clapping and Singing At The Same Time Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Ancient Japanese History Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Not Sayings Things Too Loudly in Public Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit Things That Have Anything To Do With Science Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit World Leaders Edition
P.S. I typed Trivial Pursuit 23 times in this post. 

P.P.S. 24 times.