Officially screwed

So, I did it. I signed up for the half marathon. Yup, I gave someone I’ve never met my hard-earned $50 in good faith, and I am now an official runner in the Indianapolis Half Marathon on October 16th, 2010. As I was filling out my online application, Clayton brought up a very good point: Why would someone pay to run?

I’m the wrong person to direct such questions to. I once paid money to check out FREE library books. Yeah, someone explain that logic.

But now that I’ve officially signed up for the marathon, it means that I’m going to actually have to run it. Judging by how badly my hands were shaking while as I filled out the registration form, you would have thought this was brand new knowledge. “Wait, I am going to have to actually run 13.1 in public? All this time I thought it was pretend!” … Kind of like the last three months were just an elaborate, sweaty dress-rehearsal for a play that was inevitably going to shut down before opening night because not enough tickets were sold or the director died. Imagine my surprise that ready or not, this is going to happen.

Come race day I’m going to be standing in the starting gate (which the call a corral by the way. If that doesn’t bring up weight sensitivity issues, I don’t know what will) and when the starting gun goes off, I’m going to be like, “Wait … IS THIS REAL LIFE???? IS THIS GOING TO LAST FOREVER????”

I don’t think things through.