I completely fell off the blogging bandwagon.

I wanted to update my blog, really, I did, but other things kept getting in the way.  I'd think, "Should I write a post today?  Yeah, I should write a post today," but then I get completely distracted with something else (usually involving food or a reality show involving New Jersey) or I'd be so busy I'd forget I had a blog all together.  I laid awake in bed the other night trying to remember what my last blog entry was about and had a brief moment of panic when I couldn't even remember what my blogger password was.

Yes, that is how my life has been lately. 

So, in lieu of writing a post about my unimportant opinion on something or recalling a recent experience that has absolutely no bearing on your lives whatsoever, I thought it would just be best to give a brief update on why I haven't bothered to write in awhile:

My Life as of September 5th, 2010

In my last post I announced that I was quitting my first Big Girl job because I was offered my "dream" position at an a company I'd been trying to get into since I graduated college.  I've wanted to work for this company for so long (and have been rambling on to my husband and family about this company for SO LONG) that's it's almost surreal every time I walk into the office.  When I answer the phone and say, "Thank you for calling *********.  This is Courtney, how can I help you?" I get this giddy feeling in my stomach because I'm actually here. I feel like I've accomplished something big in my life - I set my sights on something and didn't give up on getting it.  Now I'm reaping the rewards of this dedication, and it makes me so deliriously excited I can hardly contain myself while I'm at work.  I'm like a giant sponge, just soaking in the atmosphere and learning what it's like in this industry.

I am still playing softball.  The fall league started two weeks ago, and I am playing for two teams this season.  My mom was able to come down for my games one night and it was a really special experience because she hasn't seen me play ball since high school.  Additionally, last Tuesday night I hit a grand slam and still smile to myself whenever I think about it.  It's not that it was a terribly awesome hit or anything (it's not that hard to crush the ball in slow pitch softball); it just reminds me of my former softball glory all those years as a kid and teenager.

I've been terrible about practicing and thoroughly embarrass myself every time I show up for a lesson.  "Well, I know Mary Had a Little Lamb isn't a hard song, I've just been REALLY busy lately. But, hey, I can play the first three notes like a champion! Wanna hear it? ... Oh wait, that didn't sound right. Um, never mind.  See you next week?"

Mini Marathon Training
I think it's safe to say that marathon training has taken up a majority of my time and energy.  Thanks to my training schedule, I'm having to do long runs on the same evenings as softball games.  It's been doable, but my body is definitely suffering.  I don't believe my toes or ankles will ever recover from what I've been putting them through.

Last Saturday I had my first super duper long run of 10 miles, and I was really nervous about trying it.  It's pretty much a given that if you can run 10 miles you can more or less run the 13.1, but I wasn't sure if I could do it.  I've had very little trouble with any of my runs up to this point, but I'm just concerned about my overall speed.  I successfully ran the 10 miles, but it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my entire life.  The first 5 miles were pretty unremarkable, but by mile 7 I was just suffering from complete exhaustion.  Normally when I feel like I'm petering-out it, it's because I'm uncomfortable with my shin splints, the heat, or my shorts riding up.  But this time I was just beyond wore out.  It hurt to lift my legs, and I'm pretty sure walkers ended up passing me by mile 9.  But, nonetheless, I did it.  I ran all 10 without stopping.  This has given me hope.

A both lovely and annoying side effect of all my training has been my eating habits.  I eat like a horse and constantly feel like I'm starving.  However, at the same time, I feel like my capacity to hold food has decreased significantly, and I find that weird.  I want to eat ALL THE TIME, but I can't eat nearly as much in one sitting as I used to.  I guess that's good?

I didn't go into the marathon training thinking, "I'm gonna do this to lose weight!", I went into it wanting to challenge myself and do something out my comfort zone.  However, I guess all the miles are starting to pay off for my looks.  Clay and I went hiking yesterday and while we were walking he said I look a lot smaller from behind.  Like a true woman, my first response was, "So are you saying I looked big before?", but I swallowed my reaction and accepted the compliment, letting Clayton live to see another day.