Yesterday was ... eventful, to say the least.

Yesterday was my last day at work.  It was fairly low-key, mostly a day for me to tie-up a few odds and ends before I scampered off into the sun set to move on to greener pastures.  I said my goodbyes to my co-workers (through email because I'm a huge chicken and am terrible at saying goodbye.  Seriously, I had a friend who moved out-of-state, and I didn't go to his farewell party because I wanted the very last thing I said to him to be "Hey, I'll see you at your farewell party" and not some empty promise of how we'd stay in touch.  I'd rather look like a jerk than have some sort of disenchanted conversation where I'd be forced to face sobering reality that life is all about change.)

I pulled out of the office parking lot and took a sorrowful look at the company sign in my rear view mirror, not because I was heartbroken about leaving (although I kinda was), but because it was a two-year chapter of my life coming to a close and that's a weird feeling.  I'm not 18 anymore.

After work I rushed to get ready (okay, sat on the couch and read the newest issue of Glamour) for my 6:15 softball game.  We lost. I had a near collision with the third baseman because our team manager thought it would be an awesome idea to move me from second base to short stop, and there was a pop fly hit directly in between us and we both rushed to get it.  I was technically closer, but she was yelling, "Mine!", and we side-swiped each other. Luckily, she ended up catching the ball in the crook of her elbow (no foolsies!). The funny thing about short stop is that all the batters look like they're going to hit the ball directly at you ... and they usually do.  But despite almost knocking myself and a teammate unconscious, it went alright.

When the game was over and I finished watching Clay's team win, we headed to the parking lot to have a few beers with some friends and other players.  It was really nice, and I kept catching myself having giddy moments of, "Look at me socializing with new people!" (because I have to be absolutely awkward about everything).   While consuming a Budweiser 55 in my dirty cleats and sweaty uniform, I learned that a woman can have her tubes tied by going through her bellybutton.

I. Did. Not. Know. That. 

Now I'm considering that as an option at some point in my life.

After we left the ball park, Clay and I headed to the gas station to purchase our mandatory Tuesday night after-softball Polar Pop.  Now, when most people enter a gas station, they typically lock their car before they go in.  And we totally did that ... only we left our keys locked INSIDE the vehicle.  Clayton wasn't thinking and, for some reason that will never be explained, he threw his keys into the backseat of the car.  I would have loved to have been in his head that exact moment:  "You know what? I'm done driving tonight." *Toss*

But I don't blame him.  We were too engrossed in our conversation about beer and Holiday World.  That, and it also happened to be the one week anniversary of him locking the keys in the car outside this same exact gas station. Only last week, he left his window down enough that I could weasel my hand in to pull the lock up.  This time? Yeah, he rolled up all the windows after we parked.

Sooooooooooooo ... Daddy-in-law to the rescue! It's super convenient to have a father who lives a mile up the road and just so happens to have a utility van in his possession.  While we waited for him to arrive, Clayton and I couldn't help but notice how very Jay and Silent Bob we were loitering outside the convenience mart.  It was decided that I would be Jay since I have longer hair and a propensity to be dramatic and vulgar. My father-in-law eventually arrived and immediately constructed a hooked pole in true MacGyver fashion.  He and Clay worked together to prop open the door just enough to wedge the pole in and pull up the lock.  It was quite brilliant. 

While they were working, my father-in-law turned to me and said, "Your picture was beautiful", and I had to pretend like I knew what he was talking about.  I did a mental run-through to try and remember if I drew him a picture or something, but it turns out he was referring to the bridal magazine I modeled for last October.  It was such a long time ago, I completely forgot I did it..  But, as it turns out, my soon to be sis-in-law went gown shopping and picked up the magazine to thumb through it.  She found the picture and gave the magazine to them. 

My father-in-law told me that picture was beautiful, and I lit up like a Christmas tree because 1.) I have a wicked case of hero worship for this guy and 2.) I did the photo shoot for no other reason than I wanted to feel pretty because I have a strange wedding complex as a direct result of a hair Nazi ruining my wedding experience and making more than one member of my bridal party cry.

We finally got home at 11:00 pm to eat our cheesy Wal-Mart take-and-bake pizza and watch Teen Mom on DVR while I explained to Clay why Amber and Gary should NOT be together.

So yeah, Tuesday was good. :)


  1. "You know what? I'm done driving tonight." *Toss*

    HILARIOUS!!! I didn't know this was such a common occurence for him.


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