Joe-Bizzles and the trail

Having a heartbreakingly adorable dog is a heavy cross to bear, but dang-it! I do it with poise and grace! I took Joe-Bizzles on a walk along the trail last night since it was an active rest day and I wasn't supposed to run. We had a wonderful mommy/doggy outingI enjoyed the sunshine while Joey ran ahead of me, sniffing the grass and following little orange butterflies. It was glorious ... until the end of mile one. I failed to consider that it was 92 degrees outside, and there was technically a heat advisory out for the rest of the week. Ooops! And of course, every stream of water in the neighboring woods had gone completely dry with the lack of rain over the summer.

Poor Joey. The walk started out with him sprinting ahead, almost yanking my arm out if its socket while I tried to maintain some kind of control over his leash. Then the next thing I knew, my beagle boy was dragging, barely keeping step alongside of me. I stopped to offer him a break, cursing myself for being such a bad mommy and forgetting he sports a fur coat year-round, and he collapsed onto the pavement. His panting was manic, and his tongue was hanging a mile out of his mouth, catching dirt and grime from the concrete. Two girls walking past smiling and said, "Aw, look at him! Beagles are such happy dogs!" And I was like, "No, he's actually dying. But thanks for the compliment!"

I kinda panicked, I won't lie. I had a terrible vision of Joey's little heart exploding from too much walking in the extreme heat, and I did not want to be the girl who accidentally killed her dog in public (that would be a HUGE social faux pas). So I did the best thing anyone could do in that situation ...

... I carried my 30 pound beagle the rest of way back to the car. His tongue lolled out the side of his mouth, but this time I was almost 100% positive that he was actually smiling. Well, I'd be smiling too if I had a free shuttle service.

Have you ever carried 30 pounds of anything for a long distance? How about carrying a 30 pound beagle in 92 degree heat?

I'd do anything for that dog. Anything.


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