Fifty Nifty!

Today's post will be the 50th blog entry for Notably Neurotic, and I'm celebrating! 50 posts seems like a big deal to me, mostly because I can never stick with anything for very long (except for eating my way through an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips in one sitting). 50 blog entries for me is like 50 years of marriage. Right now, if I were married to this blog, we'd be dancing at our golden anniversary celebration, counting our liver spots and trying to remember our great grand children's names.

**Side Note: Joey just sneezed so hard he looked like Jackie Chan.

And what better way to kick off the Fifty Nifty celebration than to go to Best Buy and drop some money on an expensive piece of technology? (because that is soooooooooooooo how I roll) Yup, I'm sitting here right now, right this very second, typing to you fine folks on my brand new HP Netbook! Clayton and I have been talking about getting me my own computer for quite awhile in hopes that it would encourage me to focus on my writing (further proof that if you take me shopping you can get me to do just about anything).  And being the ever-supportive husband that he is, Clayton was completely gung-ho when I picked out this little gem of a mini-computer under the watchful stare of a pushy salesman. 

And it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. I love it. It literally weighs 1.5 pounds and does exactly what I need it to: log me onto the internet and store the billions of word documents I've accumulated over the years from every time I'm hit with a sudden burst of inspiration to begin writing a book. I have like 5 or so formulated book ideas, but they're just thatideas. I wish they gave out awards for good intentions ...

Something about a Netbook makes me feel so awesomely hipster. I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want to take this baby to Starbucks and drink a Caffè Americano while I type the next great indie screenplay, letting out the occasional sigh to let everyone around me know that being this deep and original is both exhausting and boring.  I'll wear a scarf and everything. Maybe I'll wear a wool sock hat too. Who cares that it's 90 degrees outside?

So, as I sit here swilling my wine and letting dinner burn because I'm far too preoccupied with this, I have to say that I'm proud of this blog. Yeah, it's not the most compelling writing that's ever been crafted, but having a place to openly address my weird emotional behavior and idiosyncrasies has been really therapeutic (and hopefully mildly entertaining at times). It makes me feel less crazy, especially knowing that at least one person who reads this blog has openly admitted that her thought processes are very similar to mine. And I think that's the point of this blogno matter how horrible or strange or lame we think we are, we're not alone.  Everyone feels like this at times, just not everyone wants to talk about it on the internet!