Clayton and I have officially hit an all time low. 

Tonight, while eating dinner and drinking wine (alcohol is always somehow involved in all of our brilliant ideas), we saw a commerical for  Absent mindedly I commented, "I've always wanted to sign us up for that just to see if they would think we were compatible and match us together" ... because I believe an internet dating service would be the true test of whether or not God wanted us to be together.

Clayton saw my bet and the raised me a potential divorce when he suggested, "Why don't we both join the site and see who can get the most hits?"

Game on.

Update:  I am so totally winning.  We couldn't use eharmony because it costs money, so we opted for a free site that allowed us to post profiles within a matter of seconds.  Only 24 hours later, I've had 6 different men email me while Clayton is sitting tight with just one profile view.  However, this is totally unfair because men are way more likley to hit on a woman than a woman is to hit on a guy.  And I may have an unfair advantage because  I filled my profile with guy-grabbing bits of information like how much I love video games and how freakin' awesome The Terminator is. But that's not the point.  The point is that I'm winning!