It's Gon' Rain!

Tuesday night's conversation while at Wal-Mart:

Clay, pointing at bag of cookies on the shelf: “Gross! Who comes to the store and wants to buy oatmeal cookies?”

Me: “Those are oatmeal with chocolate chips.”

Clay: “We should get those.”

^^This happened about five minutes before the Wal-Mart greeters tried to wrangle us away from the doors and keep us on lockdown because there was a Code Black due to severe weather coming through the area (and if you ask me, Code Black sounds like something that would be associated with an act of terrorism or something way more make-your-butt-pucker-in-fear. A more suitable announcement could have been, “IT’S RAINING SIDEWAYS!” But I digress.)

Indiana had some rather chaotic weather in the past few days, enough to make some Hoosiers a bit more ignorant than usual. Two different friends on two different occasions went off on a tangent comparing the frequent thunderstorms to the apocalypse, and that this extreme weather was just further proof that “it’s all coming to an end in 2012” and that we should just “party it up and enjoy the s**t out of ourselves” (that is a direct quote). No, my friends, it’s called “Living in the Midwest” … but I’m certainly not opposed to partying.

Who am I to say if the world’s going to end on December 21st, 2012? No one knows for sure, but I personally do not believe it will happen on this pre-determined date, I don’t care what Nostradamus or the Aztec calendar says. So what if nothing is recorded on their calendar after that date? That was THOUSNADS of years ago, and they probably just got tired of writing (or etching in stone. Whatever.). Blame it on my upbringing in the Baptist church if you want, but I don’t think anyone is going to be able to predict when the “world is going to end”. That will just take the entire element of surprise out of the whole shebang. I don’t believe Jesus intends to come back to the Earth blowing a diamond-studded trumpet on a giant chariot of fire only to be welcomed by a sea of unimpressed faces.

"Right on schedule, Jesus. *yawn* Okay, let’s get this Armageddon thing rollin’; I already had the electric company shut off my power."

Not to mention it would be too easy for people to get away with bad things for their entire lives and just “conveniently” repent 5 minutes before the Big Burning Party. God wants to catch a few people with their pants down. (<--- Some of my beliefs are not grounded in fact).


  1. Courtney this was awesome! I have never laughed so hard OUTLOUD while reading one of your posts. I so agree. Good writing Girl!


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