Welcome to Wal-Mart!

It takes a really special family to have to have fun together at Wal-Mart on a busy, claustrophobia-inducing Saturday.  However, the P's/R's/O's (last names are abbreviated for privacy) pulled it off pretty seamlessly.  Despite separating from the heard and having a few mini anxiety attacks, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the aisles with my family.

At the check-out line where we were waiting to pay for our three separate bundles of crap, my mom suddenly realized that she forgot to grab a box of hot tea bags (I've recently discovered that I can't go more than a day without my decaffeinated green tea with lemon) and looked longingly in my direction.  I agreed to make my way back through the throngs of people and risk getting lost or trampled, because hey, tomorrow is Mother's Day.

I got back to the check-out lane in unbelievably fast time (I'm just that good.  Thank you 8th grade track!) to see my family smiling and waving at me.  When I got to them my sister and I said in unison, "I feel like we're on Supermarket Sweeps!"