Office Space

Why is it that a sign on a chair reading, “Chair is broken. Do not sit in this chair.” makes me want to sit in that chair more than I’ve ever wanted to do anything in my entire life? Forbidden fruit.  Come on, how broken could it really be?

But if the sign said, “Please, sit down in this lovely chair!” I’d be like, “Meh, no thanks” and carry on with my life.

It’s the same deal with a piece of paper in front of the department printer that says, “Do not remove this piece of paper”. First of all, I want to know why this paper is here. Secondly, I want to know why I can’t remove it and what would be the possible consequences. It’s mystifying. I think it may be a joke, but I’m too scared to ask anyone for fear they’d scoff at me and be like, “Don’t you get it?” No.

I think these kinds of things are what make The Office so funny to me. I never watched that show until I graduated college and started working full-time, and now I love it! The mundane, awkward happenings are so spot-on, and many of the characters are direct parodies of people I have worked with. I just had to submerse myself into the culture before I could fully understand and appreciate it. Hence, my recent love of Office Space.

Speaking of Office Space, I purchased the most fabulous wallet at Kohl’s last week. I’ve recently been opting for the hard case clutch-style, but a new Relic wallet totally caught my eye. It’s made of a really buttery soft blue leather and has bunches of buttons printed onto it that says thing like “Think Happy Thoughts!” (Which I totally do when I’m shopping) and “Keep Smiling!” (ditto). It was love at first clutch; I had to make this wallet mine. I eagerly drove home and exploded through the door to show my victorious purchase to Clay (who I knew would be like, so totally happy for me!). He took one look at it and said, “Your wallet is covered with flair”. It was then, at that very moment, I realized I married the most perfect man in the known universe.

“I don't really like talking about my flair,” I replied, turning on my heel and walking into the kitchen.


  1. OMG I loved this!!!! And Office Space is so great! Glad you are learning to appreciate it.


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