Bloggtastic Surgery

My blog got a face lift ... literally. I lifted the small picture of my face from the sidebar of my blog and glued it onto my blog banner. And made it bigger. Why? Because I'm a special color of vain.

Plus, I like the contrast of blue and orange.

My home computer is almost off of the injured list. Keep your fingers crossed!

UPDATE: My home computer finally resurrected itself! I am typing from my couch right now as we speak! Clayton is sitting next to me whining that Jack Bauer's wife just got shot in the chest. I hate 24. I hate it because Clayton loves it and I can't have the TV to watch my America's Next Top Model DVD.  Marriage is all about compromise, and it's quite unfortunate that neither one of us are good at it.

UPDATE X2: I've plowed (literally PLOWED) through three Jen Lancaster memoirs in the last week and a half.  I just re-finished "Such a Pretty Fat" during dinner (I read in the recliner with a bowl of Hamburger Helper in my lap) and have "Pretty In Plaid" waiting for me on the coffee table.  If you haven't read her books, I suggest you get off your duff and do so!


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