Release the Kraken!

I laid awake at one a.m. last night seriously debating whether or not I should get out of bed and organize my closet; I had THAT much energy.  Why can't I harness that spastic, "git-er-done!" ambition and use it during the day time? I never understood why at 10 am I'm sitting at my cubicle wishing I could be at home scrubbing my kitchen floor with a toothbrush, but come 5pm, it's all I can do to take my shoes off.  I usually sit in a condensed pile of sludge on the couch and argue with Clayton over who has to get up and make dinner.  If only we had a microwave sitting next to the couch ...

Nothing horribly interesting has happened since I last posted. I'd say the highlight of my week was midnight on Saturday night:

"Hey, Mom, what time is it?"


*barbaric sounds of devouring chocolate and Peeps*

"Hey, Mom, Peeps are gross."

Yes, the six weeks of Lent have finally ended and I am free to board the fatty wagon again.  I've consumed so much chocolate in the last three days it would make even Kirstie Alley say, "No thanks".  I sat down at lunch today and ate a giant chocolate Easter egg (don't worry, it was hollow). Immediately after the sugar hit my stomach  I felt sick like a child after eating too much Halloween candy.  Twenty-four year-olds are supposed to have more self-control then that.  Later at the office I found a dab of chocolate still smeared on the side of my mouth and realized I brought my shame back with me.

Side Note: Some woman on 16 and Pregnant just said, "I hate to be the barrier of bad news ..." 

A whole slew of people and I went to see Clash of the Titans on Saturday ... in 3D! Only the 3D was nowhere on the level of Avatar and I'm still upset that I shelled out an extra $3 for the stupid glasses that won't stay up on my nose.  However, I thought the movie was awesome.  I almost wet myself with glee when Zeus bellowed, "Release the Kracken!" which is odd because I wasn't familiar with anything pertaining to this movie until about 4 seconds before it started.  But apparently this version wasn't nearly as good as the older one and several things were changed in the story - that's all water under the bridge for me.  True to the original story or not, even the toughest movie critic would have to admit that the special effects were freakin' insane and the things we can do with movies these days is nothing short of making your head burst into flames.

My only complaint? More Kraken.

There was such a build-up to this guy coming out that I almost couldn't stand it:

Hades: "I have watched from the underworld... it is time for the mortals to pay! I'll release the Kraken, then they'll pray to the gods again!"

*20 minutes later*  "The Kraken is coming!"

*30 minutes later* "Any day now!"

*45 minutes later* "No, really, he's coming. I swear. No foolsies."

The anticipation was too much.  After seeing what those creepy witches with the eyeball looked like (kinda like Krum from Ahhhh! Real Monsters), I knew that the Kraken was going to be new-bike-on-Christmas-morning fantastic and I found myself hoping the movie would hurry up and just get to it.  At first, when his eleventy bazillion legs started emerging out of the water, I had a mini anxiety attack thinking that the Kraken might really be a giant squid (my mortal enemy), but when he stood up and looked all Godzilla-like, I relaxed a bit. However, no sooner did he emerge out of the ocean, freakishly little head and all, he turned into stone and vanished again.

Seeing this goob was worth the price of admission alone!  I felt jipped. I didn't even get a chance to know him.  Ah, well, I'll pause him on the DVD release and fully assess how terrifying he is.

Atlanta Braves baseball started yesterday and Clay and I couldn't have been more excited (if we were more coordinated, we would have bumped chests about it and everything) We rushed home from work to find that the Braves were crushing the Cubs in an opening day victory of 16 to 5.  Our new rookie, Heyward, is going to be amazeballs.  With that much talent comes responsibility, so use it wisely, my friend.  And Derek Lowe ain't pitchin' too bad neither.  I hate to be the BARRIER of bad news, Cubs ... but its' ON! (like Donkey Kong)