OMG, the 9-5 grind stole my soul today.  Stole it, stomped on it, then tossed it back to me in a mangled, unrecognizable mess at 5pm.  Now I get to spend the entirety of my Friday evening sewing it back together so I can at least manage to smile a little on Saturday.  (that's a lie - I'll spend the entirety of my evening medicating it with beer and March Madness)

But in more positive news: Last night I definitely dreamt I rode around on Yoshi, stomping on mushrooms and traveling down green pipes.  I was quite disappointed when I woke up and realized it didn't really happen.  I haven't woken up feeling that let down since I dreamt that beagle puppies were raining out of heaven and I didn't have an umbrella.

Speaking of puppies, I came up with a new business venture that Clayton agreed could be a stinkin' success if I wasn't so lazy.  Picture a barn filled with HUNDREDS of puppies - every make and model of puppy you could possibly wrap your brain around ... beagles, pugs, golden retrievers, bull dogs, pugles, labs, dalmations, corgis, chihuahuas, bosten terriers, boxers, weiner dogs, basset hounds, mutts, even those weird fluffy ones that may or may not actually be bears ... ANY puppy.  And for $10 you can spend an entire hour alone in this barn with these HUNDREDS of puppies. 

But the more we talked about it, the more I doubt my business would be very profitable.  Everytime I'd let a happy little child into the barn to squeal and chase puppies until his heart was content, I'd get insanely jealous and kick him out.   Those are MY hundreds of puppies.  MINE.


All two of you that read this blog will be pleased to learn that I did start on my journey to writing the most amazing children's book in all the land.  I took a half hour break from my soul-squelching work day to draw a bit ...