I've got a golden ticket!

I found the loophole.

And now I just might make it to Easter Sunday without needing to repent any sins involving pasteries or high-frutose corn syrup.

Apparently you're allowed to break your Lent fast on Sundays.

*cue angel chorus*

Last Saturday night I was staring wide-eyed at a cherry Laffy Taffy bar while waiting in line at Blockbuster.  To make sure everyone around me was clued in to my suffering, I picked up the candy and wagged it in Clayton's face while puffing out my lower lip in saddness (trust me, I'm adorable when I'm pathetic).

To which Clayton replied without looking up from the magazine he was scanning, "Put it back, woman."

But Colby, my wonderful Lent angel in disguise, nudged my arm and said, "Hey, it's okay.  In less than 2 hours it will technically be Sunday and you can have that."  Don't you lie to me, Colby.  Don't you lie!

I put the Laffy Taffy back because while I didn't doubt him, I still wasn't 100% I could indulge in candy and not still feel like I was somehow cheating.

But he's right. I googled it. So it has to be true.

According to the website "The Voice: Bibilical and Theological Resources for Growing Christians", Sundays are null and void from the fasting and self-sacrifice of Lent. Dennis Bratcher writes (and delights me), "Lent is marked by a time of prayer and preparation to celebrate Easter. Since Sundays celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the six Sundays that occur during Lent are not counted as part of the 40 days of Lent".

Jesus died for my sins not only so I could spend eternity in the presence of God, but so I could also satisfy my sugary desires on the six Sundays in Lent? I'LL TAKE IT!

*Please Note: I'm not trying to trivialize the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for me.  I am indebted to Him, thus my life is His, but I am a weak sinner. He knows that ... and loves me anyway.