Dancing with your mom

While I was in the break room putting my lunch of a pear and Honey Bunches of Oats into the fridge (who says eating healthy can’t be delicious!?), I noticed that someone packed their lunch in a Yankee Candle paper sack. I like pumpkin pie candles as much as the next girl, but they know they can’t really eat it, right? I don’t care how good that Warm Sugar Cookie smells, I can almost guarantee it doesn’t taste as good.

Then I lol-ed myself silly walking back to my desk imagining someone pulling a giant jar candle out of their lunch bag with a lighter and a spoon. Ouch, that’s hot! I’d better blow on it. *pause* Dang it!

My life is so mundane. I have to make our own fun.

Case in point: I came home from work today and had a ten minute conversation with Joey about his butt. You’d think it’d be really hard to have a one-sided discussion about someone else’s hind end, but weirdness with pets is an art I have mastered.

But I am confident that I’m not the only one who has given their dog catch phrases and his own theme song.

(To the tune of the Josie and the Pussycats theme song:)

“Joseph hates pussy cats!
Their long tails and love of rats!”

And that’s as far as I get before Clay tells me to shut up.

Someday we shall record that song, Joey, and it will be the number one downloaded song on iTunes. Then who will be telling who to shut up, eh?


I missed a call from a strange number today, and before I had a chance to answer and say, “WHO D’ERE?” they just hung up. Getting missed calls from numbers I don’t recognize grates my cheese the wrong way, so I sent the number to Clay and asked him to call it and make sure it wasn’t Michael Myers checking to see if my home number was functioning.

Clayton reported back to me and apparently it was the City Planning Committee. Now, I’m extremely flattered that the city wants me to help plan it, but such power put in my hands would result in free margaritas and the designation of “Put Your Dog in Funny Hats Day”. That’s probably why they hung up. Omg, what were we thinking? *click* Gosh, that was a close one …

Alright, I’m gonna cut this short today. I have to figure out what time Dancing With the Stars is on. While I absolutely hate the show, I’m going to watch it because Kate Gosselin is a contestant this year. Who likes watching uterine marvels with $11,000 hair extensions embarrass themselves on national tv? *points to self* Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis girl.