Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mall Confessions

So I like the mall.

I like to breathe, too.

What stupidly obvious statements.

Anyway, when I was at the mall on Tuesday evening, I was reminded of one of the most awkward social situations that seems to plague me every time I step foot inside a shopping mall:

I don't know how to leave a store when I don't buy anything.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a shopping pro (this week I used a birthday coupon on a sweater I was waiting to go on sale at The Limited and ended up getting it for FREE. A $70 sweater ... FOR FREE.), and that has made me a pretty picky shopper. I used to buy whatever I thought was cute, but now that I have big girl bills and a mortgage (and a guilty conscious), I have to be a little more circumspect with my purchases.

In other words, I try to window shop more often than I actually buy.

It takes me all of 30 seconds to decide if I like a store's merchandise, but I feel really bad for basically peeking my head in, saying "Nah", and just walking right back out.

So I will spend about 5 minutes in every store no matter what, intentionally touching merchandise and glancing at price tags to create the illusion that I have a very genuine interest in the clothing or accessories. I might even pick up a shirt and hold it against me for good measure. I'll make a huge circle in the store, walking through every section and glancing at every rack.

Then, once I'm convinced that sales clerk has turned her attention to another customer or is busy restocking items, I will make a beeline for the exit, my face burning the entire way. Like, "OMG, I'm sorry! It's not you, it's me. ... Actually, it's the clothes. They're terribly overpriced."

I'm just like:

Does this happen to anyone else?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday Night

Last night was a GOOD night. Nothing spectacular happened, but we ate some good food and relaxed (and got in a little shopping). You know the kind of night I'm referring to? Just pleasant.

For dinner I made us chicken and prosciutto tortellini with marinara sauce (I'd love to say I sat there and whipped up my own pasta shells and delicately stuffed them myself, but these shells were totes store bought. If Clayton wants homemade pasta, he'll need to buy the attachment for my mixer). I served it with a side of roasted asparagus and a glass of pinot noir.


After dinner and some brief digestion, we went over to the mall so I could use a Macy's gift card my mom gave me for my birthday. I expressed an interest in getting a high quality foundation for my skin, and my mamma came to the rescue.

I purchased a bottle of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24-Hour foundation. This is the first time I've purchased what I refer to as "big girl make-up" from a department store beauty counter, and it kind of made me feel like a big deal. The foundation smooths my skin like a dream and now I'm convinced I need to get the matching pressed powder, too. 

I also used some birthday money from my dad and purchased a new bottle of Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume because I've been out for months.

So I'm feelin' pretty sassy right about now. Smelling good with an even skin tone!

I'm working from an adult learning center today to oversee some of our student workers who are working an event, and I get to have some time to myself working in a tutoring classroom. I brought a book, my laptop and well, here I am!

So I'm sitting here in a room with strangers and am suddenly hit by the realization that I mentioned how amazing this new foundation is, but I forgot to snap a picture of the result while I was getting ready this morning.

Well, there's no time like the present ...

Ha, no one even looked up as I sat here, taking selfies on my computer like a goob.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I did something weird?

Debating it ...

Going for it!

No one saw.

Just livin' life and cashing happy checks over here. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend recap

Last night I was so tired, I took out my contact lenses and tossed them on the bathroom counter because I was too lazy to open the lens case and put them away properly.

It's okay, they were 2 weeks past their prime and allowing them to dry out overnight forced me to put in a fresh pair today.

How was your weekend? Mine was both good and not so good ... 

I was scheduled to run 12 miles on Saturday morning and lemme tell ya, it was probably the worst 12 miles I've run out of all 8 half marathons I've trained for. I was exhausted by mile 6. I was crying by mile 8. I was ready to give up by mile 9. But after walking for a bit and giving myself the best pep talk I could muster, I unloaded my water belt and iPod back into my car and forced myself to get back out there and run the final 3 miles to the best of my ability.

I seriously almost passed out, but I got it done.

I have no idea what's wrong with me. I've been crumbling during my weekend long runs. Clayton thinks I've over-trained and I don't want to admit that he might be right because I should know better than that.

But I think he's right.

That new training plan I started out with was just way too intense and now I'm suffering the consequences.

That being said, I definitely threw myself a "I'm not going to PR" pity party on the way home. Ugh! I know we can't have a great race every single time, but I've been working so hard and just feel like I have nothing to show for it. And anyone who's trained for a race knows how disheartening it can be to not feel prepared or ready for the big event.

I've now entered the taper phase of training and while I'm normally so excited can barely sit still at this point, I just feel sad.

So now I have to see what I can do about making sure I don't let this bitter disappointment seep into other areas of my life andha ha! I can't even type that sentence with a straight face. You KNOW I'm going to internalize this shiz and let it bum me out for way longer than necessary because I take everything way too seriously. hahahaahahahahaha *cries*

On Saturday afternoon, after doing my best to mentally recoup after that horrendous run, Clay and I met up with my mom, sister and Chris for some fall camping. I think sleeping on an uncomfortable blow-up mattress and listening to other people's dogs bark all night is why I was darn near comatose when I got back home last night, but it was still a lot of fun. 

In honor of her birthday last Thursday, I baked my mom a chocolate chip banana cake and topped it with my favorite whipped frosting (we love whipped icing in my family). I dyed the frosting orange and originally planned to decorate it like a jack-o-lantern, but the black icing was too thick to draw with, so I used glittery black bats instead.

Cake makes for amazing camping food.

And since it's mid-October in Indiana, you know that the scenery was absolutely beautiful:

You're welcome, internet.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 Things

1.) I got up at 5:30am to run 6 miles before work today. I had a good run and still had enough time left over to look like a girl for the day.

Gotta love the blaring morning sun coming through my window.

2.) This past weekend I attended my first Jewish wedding ceremony and got to witness our good friends, Jamie and Justin, tie the knot. I don't consider myself an overly romantic person, but I love weddings. LOVE em'! I always tear up during the "I dos" (or in this case, the "yeses") and I also get a little verklempt during the first dance. 

And of course, the bride. I obsess over the bride. And Jamie was flawless. 

Photo from Photography by Greenbird.

3.) Clayton and I enjoyed dinner and a spooky Halloween movie with Dan and Emily on Monday evening, and Dan introduced us to onion jam. He and Emily have recently gotten into canning and they were happy to share their bounty with us. Just like I told Dan, nothing about "onion jam" sounds appetizing, but it's actually freakin' AMAZING. It's sweet, but it's not. It has an onion-y flavor, but it doesn't. It makes no sense to any of my senses, but it's delicious.

4.)  I have a new favorite book. Whilst waiting for Clayton one afternoon to go car shopping after the untimely death of my Pontiac G6, I wandered into Barnes and Noble and found C. Edward Good's Who's (oops whose) Grammar Book is This Anyway?. Smitten with both the author's writing style and the book's overall subject matter, I made a mental note to purchase the book on Amazon. I got it for $.01 (because I'm cheap) and I refer to it multiple times a day.,204,203,200_.jpg

5.) Today is October 16th which just so happens to be my mamma's birthday! Happy birthday, Mom! I hope your day is as wonderful as you. See you this weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Recap

I just realized how self-absorbed it is to be like, "I'm going to recap my birthday for you all because my life is sooooooooooooooooo interesting and I'm sure people are dying to know what I did for my birthday. My birthday, you know that thing that everyone has and really isn't that big of a deal?"

But I think of my blog this way: In the future when we're zooming around in flying cards and the entire internet is available in a single contact lens that allows you to check Facebook every time you blink, I want to read through these posts and remember some of the smaller details that slipped through the cracks of time. Sure, I'll always remember that I had a 29th birthday, but I want to make sure I remember that people went out of their way to make it special.

My 29th birthday began with Clayton pretending like he forgot it was my birthday. He came into the bathroom and kissed me good morning, then quickly walked out. I began aggressively brushing my teeth in attempt to mask my rage, but then he burst back into the bathroom and started tickling me and singing happy birthday.

At 7:50 a.m. on the dot, my mom called to remind me that at that moment exactly 29 years ago, I emerged from her womb. To this day, this is still my favorite birthday tradition.

After work, I hit the trail for some birthday speedwork. I kept referring to the workout as "birthday speedwork" in hopes it would make it more fun, but it didn't. And it started raining. Being an October baby has blessed me several rainy birthdays.

But I ran one of my miles in 7 minutes and 19 seconds without realizing it. So that's pretty rad.

After my workout, I rewarded myself for both running and turning 29 with pizza. All I requested for my birthday was pizza, a movie and a yummy cake.

Clayton ordered me a cake from Rainbow Bakery, a local bakery that makes all gluten-free and vegan desserts. We happened upon it randomly and I was halfway through an amazing spiced chai cupcake before I realized what I was eating didn't contain a trace of dairy. After perusing their online menu, I planted a seed that I was interested in their Strawberries and Champagne cake.

And that's what I got!

 Let me read this cake description to you. *pulls out bifocals* Ahem:

"champagne cake filled with champagne-soaked strawberries, with boozy vanilla frosting & strawberry garnish"

This is literally a combination of my two favorite things: Champagne and cake. Just throw a puppy on there as a cake topper and I'd likely explode because my brain couldn't process what was happening.

I was also blessed enough to receive another of my favorite holiday/special happenings traditions:

A homemade birthday card from my big seester, Ashley. Girlfriend seriously needs to open her own Etsy shop because she could easily make money from her handmade cards. I'm sad that I didn't inherit the crafty gene, but I'm glad one of us did!

And Clayton bought me a bottle of whiskey for my birthday because a Tipsy Courtney is a Happy Courtney (and also a Quiet Courtney, which apparently my husband enjoys when he's playing video games).

My in-law's also stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday and shower me with puppy cards, which is always nice. :)

Before I went to bed that evening, I decided I wanted to watch The Fault in Our Stars as my birthday movie ... and came to the immediate conclusion that The Fault in Our Stars is a terrible movie to watch on your birthday. Clayton sat through the movie unmoved because he has a heart of stone, whereas I had to sit up on the couch and elevate my head because I couldn't breathe from choking on my own tears and snot.

I read the book. I knew how it was going to end and I know that I have terrible coping skills, yet ... I watched it anyway.

I knew I should have gone with my gut and watched American Horror Story instead. Would have made it way easier to fall asleep.

What's up, 29? Let's make it an awesome year.

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