As you all (hopefully) know, this weekend was the beginning of August and I may or may not have had a small panic attack over the fast-approaching end of summer. Seriously, where did the summer go? I looked back on the past 2 months and realized that we did very little by the way of summer activities. Aside from one long weekend in Chicago and a boat trip with my co-workers, I just lived life like a normal person ... not a person who was trying to enjoy the crap out of the warm weather.

We were too busy to go to the fair last week. I haven't gotten a chance to layout in my backyard and read a book. I haven't had a bonfire. We didn't go to the drive-in. Nadda. I haven't even eaten a s'more!

I'm a summer disgrace.

In an attempt to squeeze the most I can out of the remaining weeks of summer, I asked Clayton to go kayaking with me after work today. The weather was beautiful and I would kick myself if I squandered the opportunity to be outside (I'm always outside running or doing yard work, but never to just relax).

While out on the water, I let the sunshine warm my face and soaked up the sounds of the lake. We heard birds chirping, fish occasionally splashing at the surface, and people laughing in the distance. Today I reconnected with nature on a spiritual level ...

... and remembered that I am deathly afraid of seaweed.

And just my luck, this particularly lake is full of seaweed. Seaweed as far as the eye can see. Seaweed that is so tall and dense, it scrapes the bottom of your kayak and you can't help but picture yourself tipping over and getting so entangled in it, no one ever finds your body.

I actually gagged out of fear. Gagged.

I've always had an issue with seaweed which is kind of problematic because I'm definitely a lake kind of girl and actually lived on a lake for several years. My dad has a speedboat and spending afternoons on the lake and tubing was part of my regular summer repertoire through my early teens. But I vividly remember freaking out if even the tiniest piece of seaweed brushed against my toe and spastically trying to pull myself back on my raft. And it wasn't the fear of getting caught in it so much as the simple fact that seaweed is just like, totally ICKY. Such a gross sensation. Tendrils of slimy seaweed touching my body? I can't.

So ya, I was a little uncomfortable today. My heart was racing and not just from paddling.

But we had a lovely time. For almost an hour, we were the only 2 people out on the lake and had Clayton's kayak not been taking on water, it would have been romantic.

What are you doing to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer?

Hello, friends!

I've been in a cleaning frenzy for the past hour, which is crazy because I just finished a 40-minute run on the treadmill and treadmill runs normally wipe me out for the rest of the day. This one gave me new energy! (Maybe because I was watching old N'Sync music videos while I ran?)

P.S. The longer you look at the name "N'Sync", the more stupid it becomes.

I got in the shower after my workout and brought a sponge in with me so I could wipe down the walls while I bathed. Please tell me I'm not the only person who does this?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I made macaroons!

My sister-in-law and I got together to try our hand at making these delicate little cookies and even though it was kind of touch-and-go at first, they turned out marvelous! We used the recipe I pinned last week and I definitely recommend it if you're ever feeling adventurous in the kitchen.

We were slightly confused by the recipe's instructions to "pipe and bang" the cookie dough (giggity!), but quickly figured out that it was a method used to flatten the cookies after we spread them on the baking sheet.

We decided to use a different filling than the one included and I found a simple, 2-step buttercream recipe on Pinterest that turned out to be a real winner. I filed it away under "to be used again later ... like when I want to make frosting and just eat it out of the bowl".

Then we staged a photo shoot with our cookies because you know, Instagram.

I've been feeling so bummed out lately that aside from a random pan of box mix brownies here and there, I haven't baked much this summer. It felt really good to get back in the swing of it, especially while spending time with Molly.

I also wanted to share that this past weekend Clayton and I attended Uncork the Uplands at Huber's Orchard, Winery and Vineyard in Borden, Indiana. We attended the event last year when it was held here in Bloomington and just like last year, we had a blast!

It was really hot on Saturday, so we were more than thankful that the wine tasting was indoors (as well the VIP reception in Huber's DISTILLERY. HELLO, SPIRITS!), but we couldn't resist stepping outside to take a wagon tour of the gorgeous property.

This picture looks great on my phone, terrible blown up on the blog. 

And since my sweet tooth will never be satiated, we bought the cutest box of truffles made with actual wine from the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail wineries! I can't believe that I've exercised self-restraint and haven't devoured these, but that's probably because I'm up to my eyeballs in macaroons.

I hope your week is off to a great start! (Whoa, how is it almost Wednesday already?) 

Clayton needs to have his wisdom teeth taken out, and last night as I was urging (read: nagging) him to make the appointment, we started talking about when I had the procedure done several years ago.

I had my wisdom teeth removed right before my senior year of college and had the absolute best experience one could possibly hope for. After the surgery, I was totally groggy but didn't experience any pain. In fact, during my weekend recovering at home, I only need half of one Vicodin in total. My face wasn't that swollen. Nothing really hurt.

A few days later, I developed a dry socket, but even that didn't bother me. I just remember running my tongue over the incision and thinking, "Hmmm ... that doesn't seem right." So I saw another oral surgeon when I was back in Bloomington and they took care of it. Again, no pain. Just felt weird.

See? Bizarre experience. Definitely not the norm.

And you wanna know something else kind of crazy? Getting my wisdom teeth removed actually straightened my teeth. I know that the pressure of your wisdom teeth growing in can shift things around in your mouth, but I had no idea that getting them out would improve my smile.

Rehashing my experience with Clayton last night reminded me that I used to have a gap in my mouth. I totally forgot about it!

I had braces as a tween, but I was terrible at wearing my retainer and my front two teeth never fully closed. That gap was my biggest insecurity as a teenager and young adult, but now I can't even remember what it was like to have it. Granted, the gap was never massive, but it was big enough that I was fully aware of its presence and sometimes hesitant to smile in photos.

The day after my surgery, I remember looking in the mirror and seeing that the gap magically closed. "That must be the swelling," I told myself. "It will reopen when I'm healed." But it never did. (And if you remember, I said I wasn't even that swollen.)

The following picture makes me want to hide in my closet until Armageddon, but it's the best I can find after trolling Facebook for old college photos of myself ... and a painful reminder that awkwardness lives forever on the internet.

The only pictures I could find of my gap are unflattering because my friends and I started using Facebook before everyone became obsessed with crafting flawless online personas.

Looking at these photos now, I realize that the gap was only ever really noticeable to me, but isn't that the way these things go? If you have chubby ankles, you assume that everyone is staring at your chubby ankles when really, no one else cares. Why? Because they're too busy wondering if you're staring at their big ears or weird belly button. We're too hung up on our own insecurities to notice anyone else's ... and that's a truth you can take to the bank.

Ah! I'm cringing going through these old photos right now. Apparently my awkward phase spanned almost 2 decades. UGH.

I'm super mad at my roommates for letting me think this was an okay color to dye my hair:

I'll see myself out:


But you know what? Screw it. All terrible hair colors and questionable fashion choices aside, it's part of my story.

Never forget the awkwardness. It's part of the journey that made you the beautiful butterfly you are today:


Posting a weekend recap on a Tuesday kind of suggests that Monday was part of my weekend. I wish that was the case, but no. I couldn't blog last night because at around 7:30 pm we were hit with a nasty thunderstorm that knocked out our electricity for almost 3 hours.

So I did what any girl in my position would do, I had my husband manually open the garage door so I could go to Kohl's. 

See? I'd definitely survive in a national disaster. People would be panicking and screaming and I'd be like, "Duh! Let's just to the mall."

The reason I feel like I didn't get a ton of weekend is because I was mostly home by myself. As I mentioned last week, we had a few exciting things happen around our household and one of those things is that Clayton got a new car. (I'm not sure why he didn't love driving my hand-me-down, 15 year-old gold Dodge Stratus, but whatever.)

We sold the Stratus and after what felt like weeks and weeks of searching, he finally made a decision (and ended up buying the car I originally suggested to him, but that's neither here nor there ... #wifeyknowsbest).

The Stratus ran just fine and we weren't in dire need of purchasing a new vehicle, but I know that he didn't feel particularly masculine or cool driving around in his wife's old car. Clayton just asks so little of everyone (especially me) and I really wanted him to have something that made him happy. 

We bought the car used and it checked out great with a mechanic, but it's not a brand new vehicle and didn't come in perfect shape. On Friday night, Clayton took the entire instrument panel off the car because the speedometer and gas needle didn't work. 

See, I didn't even know you could do that kind of thing on your own, but there was my husband, sitting at the kitchen counter until all hours of the night and soldering things. I was beyond impressed. 

I don't even know what 99% of this is.

Then on Saturday, Clay wanted to take care of his squeaky breaks and what should have been a few hour projected wound up taking 2 days because things kept breaking and he was sent all over God's green earth looking for parts. He took my car to drive around town and I was left to my own devices. I was bored, but I mostly felt terrible that he was so frustrated and exhausted. (But again, I was so impressed! Not gonna lie, watching him work on his car kind of does it for me. #TMI)

I did have the opportunity to get out of the house for a little bit on Saturday night and went to Oliver Winery to hang out with some special gals I haven't seen in OVER 10 YEARS. Jessica, one of my friends from high school, is getting hitched this summer and her loved ones brought her to Bloomington for her bachelorette party. I honestly don't think I've seen Jessica since graduation and it was beyond amazing to catch-up with her and other ladies that I've only communicated with via Facebook for the last decade. It was so much fun and I am so glad I was invited! I'm also beyond thrilled that everyone is doing so well and is so happy. :)

This weekend's humidity was like, 1,000% and to say it was hot and disgusting is a gross understatement. I tried to wake up early on Saturday morning to get in my long run (hey, 9:00 a.m. is super early for me), but I just didn't get out there soon enough. I only made it 3.5 miles before I threw in the towel. Remember last week when I lamented about how terrible I am at listening to my body? Well, I did a great job listening to my body this weekend. It was easy: When I was so hot and dehydrated I stopped sweating, I stopped running. Good for me, right?

I tried for a longer run on Sunday and barely got through 5 miles. It was slightly less humid, but still not the safest weather for a runner (or anyone doing any kind of physical activity outside). I should have stuck to the treadmill, but I wanted to  put no a tank top and even out my farmer's tan. The run was slow and definitely didn't feel amazing, but I got it done. I hate to say this, but I'm really looking forward to fall and winter running. I've said it once and I'll likely say it a thousand more times: I am not built for running in the heat!

And now it's time to end this post the same way I ended my weekend: With a beagle photo shoot!

Last night I logged onto Pinterest for the first time in MONTHS (okay, more like 6 weeks) and nearly stopped breathing because I was so overwhelmed by all of the cute, amazing things. It was like a drug addict finding a hidden stash of meth right after getting clean: I just wanted a taste, but quickly found myself on a pinning bender. Clayton later found me wandering around the neighborhood, disheveled and muttering to myself about no-bake cookies and DIY bookshelves.

Here are some of the pins I went the most nuts over this week:

I sent this tutorial to my sister law and all but demanded we make these together. I've had a love affair with macarons for the past few years (they're like, the most visually appealing cookie EVA) and yet, I never had the opportunity to try one until I attended a wedding this past May. That's right, I was a macaron virgin until just this year. And you know what? It changed my palate. It changed my life. They're so dainty and light and UNGH!!!! SO GOOD. 

I pinned this photo simply because I really needed the reminder these past few weeks. Running in the summer heat, #thestruggleisreal.

I'm not a huge jewelry person (except when it comes to diamonds. Please give me diamonds), but I do love a beautiful necklace. Subtle and understated is the name of my fashion game, and this Midnight Sunstone pendant fits the bill. 

I finally learned the origins of sprinkles. Now I can stop wondering.

While I'm definitely loving having shorter locks right now, I can't even begin to express how much I miss being able to throw my hair up into a messy bun (especially in this July heat!). Clayton always gave me "that look" whenever I'd pile my long hair on top of my head, but I didn't care. It was my absolutely favorite and most comfortable way to style my hair. 

This tutorial takes a little bit more effort than just scooping your strands up with a hair tie, but I'm desperate.

What were some of your favorite pins this week?

Happy Friday!