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Happy New Year!

Wow, 2019. Crazy, right? I so distinctly remember NYE of 1999 when Y2K was still being widely considered as a legitimate concern. I was 13 years old, going into the second semester of my 8th grade year, and was anxiously waiting for midnight with my two best friends. I was gleefully excited to run outside and scream into the night at the stroke of twelve ... but also partly worried that the world really might actually end because, computers.

Well, joke's on me because right now the world exploding into a shit-crusted ball of fire and ash seems like more of a possibility than ever before.

So what are my new year's resolutions?

To blog more.

Just kidding. I won't.

But really, I love going into the new year with goals and aspirations. You can make a positive change in your life at any point in the year, but the perfectionist in me really appreciates the idea of a blank slate and a fresh start. It soothes my soul in a way that only a brand new notebook and unsh…

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